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South America

What is the capital and largest city of Argentina? Buenos Aires
What is the capital of Brazil? Brasilia
What is the capital and largest city of Chile? Santiago
What is the capital and largest city of Colombia? Bogota
What is the capital and largest city of Peru? Lima
What is the capital and largest city of Venezuela? Caracas
What mountain divides Argentina and Chile? Andes
What mountain is the highest in all of South America? Aconcagua
What is the largest river in the world? Amazon
What is the most popular sport in MOST of South America? soccer (futbol)
What is the most popular sport in Venezuela? baseball
Most of South America has a ________ form of government. democratic (democracy)
What boosts Argentina's economy? tourism
What is the religion of most people in most of South America? Catholicism (Catholic/Roman Catholic)
What is the driest non-polar desert in the world? Atacama
What desert is subject to lots of flooding? Sechura
Lake ______ is the largest lake in South America. Titicaca
What is the official language for most of the South American countries? spanish
What country is the leading producer of coffee? Brazil
The city of _______ is one of the highest cities in the world. Cusco
__________ Falls is the world's highest, uninterrupted waterfall. Angel
This region is the most populous in Colombia. Andean
What is the top export in Chile? copper
Which country is the second largest producer of copper and silver? Peru
Which country is dominated by the oil industry? Venezuela
The _______ ocean borders the countries on the west. Pacific
The ______ ocean borders the countries on the north and east. Atlantic
The two non-sovereign states (territories) of South America are ______ and ______. Falkland Islands and French Guiana
There are ______ countries in South America. 12
There are ____ regions of Colombia. 5
This is believed to have been a royal estate or sacred religious site for Inca leaders Machu Picchu
________ Falls are waterfalls of the Iguazu River located on the border of Argentina and Brazil. Iguazu
Brazil has a _____ climate. tropical
Argentina has a _____ climate. temperate
Chile is unique because it has a _____ of climates. variety
Colombia has a climate that is ___ along the coast and ____ in the high plains. tropical, cooler
Peru's climate is _______ as it has almost every type of climate. diverse
Venezuela's climate is ________. hot, humid tropical
Many of South American countries practice _________. Christianity
What ocean is west of South America? Pacific
What ocean is east of South America? Atlantic
What sea is north of South America? Caribbean
This is an important part of Incan history and lies in the Andes Mountains of Peru and is a tourist destination. Machu Picchu
Created by: DanielsFSUS
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