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pe ch 2 vocab

medical screening a basic assessment of a person’s overall health and personal fitness
obesity a medical condition in which a person’s ratio of body fat to lean muscle mass is excessively high
chronic disease a disease that is ongoing
asthma a disease in which the small airways of the lungs become narrowed, making it difficult to breathe
hernia a condition that occurs when muscle fibers from the intestine protrude through the wall of the abdomen
medical history a record of past health problems and illnesses
fluid balance the body’s ability to balance the amounts of fluid taken in with the amounts lost through perspiration or excretion
dehydration body fluid loss
heat cramps muscle spasms resulting from the loss of large amounts of salt and water through perspiration
heat exhaustion an overheating of the body resulting in cold, clammy skin and symptoms of shock
heat stroke a condition in which the body can no longer rid itself of excessive heat through perspiration
acclimatization the process of allowing the body to adapt slowly to weather conditions
rehydrate to restore lost water
heat stress index a scientific measure of the combined effects of heat and humidity on the body
hypothermia a condition in which the body temperature drops below normal
frostbite damage to body tissue that results from freezing
wind-chill factor the combined influence of wind and temperature on the body
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