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WHS World Geography

review activities for Warwick HS World Geo students

Hinduism Dominate religion in South Asia (India)
Islam Dominate religion in NW Africa and SouthwestAsia
Christianity Dominate religion in North America, Europe, and South America
A city that developed because of its location between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Baghdad, Iraq
A city which developed because it has a command of two straits, the Bosporous and Dardanelles Istanbul, Turkey
A region of grasslands in the central part of the United States and Canada. The Great Plains
Type of climate found in Western Europe due to the effects of the North Atlantic Drift Marine West Coast
Two North African countries in conflict over water rights. Western Sahara and Morocco
Three Ancient African kingdoms Greater Zimbabwe, Mali, Ghana
Vegetation region with mixed forest both deciduous and coniferous found in the temperate climate zone. Middle latitude forests
tropical grasslands of Venezuela, and Colombia Llanos
A region in Europe where countries are at or below sea level. Low Countries
a region in Germany of manufacturing and industrialization. Ruhr Valley
a region in Italy of manufacturing and industrialization Po Valley
Open air markets found in Africa and Asia Souks (suks)
A region where ethnic conflict between Serbians, Croatians, Albanians and Bosnians occured. Former Yugoslavia (The Balkans)
Per capita per person
GDP Gross Domestic Product the total amount of goods and services produced within a country
GNP Gross National Product the total amount of goods and services produced by a country domestically and abroad.
Dams built to prevent flooding of rivers and create hydroelectric power
Flood More water than the earth can absorb usually caused by extended periods of rainfall
volcano a mountain with a vent through which magma erupts
Erosion The wearing away of the Earth's surface by wind, water, or glaciers
Reservoir A place where humans collect water for future use
Desertification Grasslands disappear and the land becomes arid mostly due to overgrazing of livestock
Windward the side of the mountain that receives the wing and has an arid or semi-arid climate (example Northern side of Himalayas)
Leeward The side of the mountain that receives more precipitation and moisture. (example south side of the Himalayas)
Pull factor a condition that attracts a person to a new region or country ie; economic opportunity
Push factor a condition that pushes a person away from their homeland, something that drives them away ie; religious persecution, war
Portuguese the official language of Brazil
Renewable Resources the earth's resources that can be replenised naturally
European Union Economic alliance founded after WWII to reduce trade barriers
Per Capita Income Average income per person per year
Erie Canal Manmade waterway that connects Lake Erie with the Hudson River
Richmond, Virginia fall line site; the city of Virginia's state government
Multinational Corporation A company that is located throughout the world; McDonald's, Nike, Coca-Cola
Rio Grande River River that forms a natural border between the United States and Mexico
Archipelago a chain of islands; Hawaiian archipelago
Atacama Desert Desert located on the coast of Chile
Subsistence farming farming just enough to survive (for your family) yields food crops
Plantation agriculture farming done on a large scale usually for crops like bananas, coffee, cacao, sugar (cash crops)
Chunnel a tunnel that goes beneathe the English Channel and connects Great Britain with France
Ural mountains a natural border between the continents of Europe and Asia
Aral Sea Sea in Central Asia that is shrinking due to over irrigation in cotton production.
Aswan High Dam Dam located on the Nile River that helps control seasonal flooding.
landlocked country a country that is completely surrounded by land
hydoelectric power Energy that is created by water
Hinduism the dominant religion in India
Maori the indigenous (native) people of New Zealand
Great Barrier Reef A hugh coral reef located of the coast of Australia
subsistence farming farming just enough for your family
Thatched Roof dwellings Buildings found in the Pacific islands.
Janjaweed Muslims Radical sect of Islam responsible for the conflict in the Sudan
Hutu and Tutsi tribes Opposing ethnic tribes involved in the Rwandan genocide.
Rwanda country where ethnic conflict between the Hutus and Tutsi's took place (direct result of European colonization)
Steppe temperate grasslands (example Pampas of Argentina)
Savanna Tropical grasslands (example Llanos of Colombia)
Mental map A map in a person's mind based on prior knowledge and perception
Ghost Towns Mining towns that have been deserted due to resource depletion
Baghdad, Iraq City located between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
Kashmir land conflict between Pakistan and India
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