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World Geography

Chapter 4 Vocabulary test

Dikes Walls or barriers to hold back water.
Estuary Where part of the sea connects to the lower end of a river.
Westerlies Strong winds that travel from west to east.
Deciduous Forest, which includes trees such as oak, maple, beech and chestnut, that lose their leaves in autumn.
Coniferous Trees, such as fir and pine trees, have cones and needle-shaped leaves, and they keep their leaves during the winter.
Smelting To make bronze, people needed to know how melt and fuse tine and copper, a process.
Feudalism The political and social system which kings gave land to nobles in exchange for the nobles' promise to serve them; those nobles provided military service as knights for the king.
Middle Ages Medieval Age, a period of tradition between ancient and modern times.
Pilgrimage A place journey to a sacred place.
Parliament The national legislature of England consisting of House of Lords and the House of Commons.
Industrialized Changed from an agricultural society to one based on industry.
Holocaust Government-sponsored murder of 6 million Jews.
Postindustrial When the economy of a country depends more on services than it does on industry.
Polders The Dutch call the land they reclaim from the sea.
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