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BS session 11

Tube-in-Tube braced inner core added to the perimeter tube to improve shear stiffness and lateral stability
1 shell plaza in Houston, Texas -perimeter had closely space columns -one of the first light weight concrete buildings -tubes are tied together with deep concrete spandrel beams -at the corners they came up with waffle slabs -it helped with the torsion
Perforated shell tube a tube with perimeter shear walls with less than 30% of the surface area perforated by openings * Mad (museum of American design) * Sinosteel international plaza o Tianjian, China o Use various sizes of hexagons to perfor
Trussed tube a tube with trussed wall frames of widely spaced columns tied together by diagonal or cross bracing
Lattice trussed tube a tube with the perimeter space frame with diagonals and no vertical columns
Damping mechanisms mechanical devices installed in tall buildings to progressively eliminate and or diminish the vibratory or oscillatory motion that can cause buildings to collapse
Wind dampening mechanisms the primary device is the tuned mass damper
Created by: earbito