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Abnormal Psychology

Quizzes 5.1 to 5.8

Which of the following is the most common emotional symptom of depression? Dysphoria
Which of the following best describes the onset of suicidal ideation in individuals with major depression? A gradual outgrowth of a loss of pleasure in life's activities
Which of the following examples demonstrates the most common sleeping problems related to depression? Wakes up early in the morning feeling unrested.
Individuals with major depression demonstrate psychomotor retardation when they perform normal actions at a slowed rate.
An individual suffering from major depression is most likely to be diagnosed with which of the following comorbid conditions? Anxiety disorder
Which of the following symptoms must be present during the same 2-week period for an individual to qualify for a diagnosis of major depressive disorder? Steep reduction of interest in usual activities, including pleasurable ones
Persistent depressive disorder differs from major depressive disorder in which of the following ways? It lasts for an extended period of time.
A diagnosis of premenstrual dysphoric disorder requires that an individual demonstrate symptoms severe enough to impair social functions.
Which of the following best describes the symptoms associated with a bipolar II diagnosis? Short periods of unnaturally heightened energy followed by depressive episodes
Which of the following examples would likely qualify for a course specifier of an individual's mood disorder diagnosis? Jacob becomes agitated during winter months and repeatedly reorganizes his entire house.
Which of the following factors is the most influential factor in avoiding a relapse of major depressive disorder? A lengthy period of remission
Which of the following best describes the course of bipolar disorder? Intermittent episodes over a lifetime with a large chance of serious impairment
Why might mood disorders have a lower observed prevalence among older cohorts? Individuals with severe symptoms have poor outcomes.
Women are several times more likely than men to be diagnosed with major depressive disorder.
Which of the following best describes the cultural influence on mood disorders? Mood disorders are universal, but their outcomes are shaped by local norms.
Which of the following scenarios best illustrates an evolutionary case for the high prevalence of depressive disorders in the human population? A tribe member withdraws from a social pact after being denied mating privileges
Which of the following best describes the link between external events and the onset of major depression? Disruptive life events tend to precede the development of depressive episodes.
Which of the following is most likely to precede a manic episode? Winning a competitive research grant
Which of the following interventions would be used to address an individual's depressogenic attributional style? Explaining that failure in one area is not predictive of a general lack of ability
Thought inhibition can contribute to the maintenance of depressive episodes by preventing executive controls from shifting away from distressing thoughts.
Which of the following interventions would be most likely to result from an enhanced understanding of the genetic factors influencing the development of mood disorders? Monitoring at-risk individuals for disruptive life events that could cause the onset of major symptoms
The dexamethasone suppression test shows that half of depressed patients fail to adequately regulate the level of cortisol in their systems.
Paulo has extreme difficulty understanding that the maintenance of his depressive state is preventing him from taking actions that would solve his underlying problems. A brain scan would likely show decreased activity in the anterior cingulate cortex.
The effectiveness of medications such as Zoloft and Prozac indicate that serotonin regulation plays a role in negative thought patterns.
Which of the following presents an analogue study regarding the biological causality of mood disorders? Dogs are injected with compounds that suppress certain neurochemicals and have their social interactions observed.
Which of the following describes aspects of cognitive therapy that differ from traditional psychodynamic approaches to the treatment of depression? A greater focus on directed interactions with patients
Which of the following categories of medication is most often prescribed to treat depression? Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors
Which of the following provides a plausible explanation for violent actions taken while on SSRI medications? Increased energy provides a conduit for existing troubling ideation.
Tricyclic antidepressants such as Tofranil have _______ side effects than SSRIs and are _______ effective. more; about as
Which of the following treatments is likely to lead to the fastest remission of depressive symptoms? Cognitive therapy combined with medication
Which of the following categories of medication is primarily used to treat bipolar patients? Mood stabilizers
Valproic acid may be the most effective medication for bipolar patients who cycle rapidly between manic and depressive episodes.
Which of the following problems is a key factor addressed by various psychotherapies for bipolar disorder? Resistance to taking prescribed medication
Which of the following individuals would be the most appropriate candidate for electroconvulsive therapy? Derrick attempts to cause serious harm to himself when left unsupervised.
How might light therapy improve symptoms in individuals with seasonal affective disorders? By improving the regulation of hormones
Which of the following factors about an individual would be of the most interest to suicide research inspired by Emile Durkheim? Her participation in a trade union
Which of the following describes the most common cause of nonsuicidal self-injury? A desire to relieve intense feelings of anxiety and stress
An individual from which of the following age groups is most likely to complete a suicide attempt? 75 to 79
The interpersonal-psychological theory holds that for an individual to complete a suicide attempt he or she must have a strong wish to die and the means to inflict self-harm.
Which of the following interventions should take precedence when dealing with suicide risk? Utilize therapeutic methods to reduce extreme psychological distress.
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