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Unit 8 Level G

allege v. to assert without proof or confirmation
arrant adj. shameless, blatant
badinage n. light and playful conversation
conciliate v. win over; to appease; to reconcile
countermand v. to cancel or reverse one order or command with another that is contrary to the first
echelon n. an organized military unit; a steplike formation or arrangement
exacerbate v. to make more violent, severe, or painful
fatuous adj. stupid or foolish in a self-satisfied way
irrefutable adj. impossible to disprove
juggernaut n. a massive and inescapable force or object that crushes whatever is in its path
lackadaisical adj. lacking spirit or interest, halfhearted
litany n. any repetitive chant, a long list
macabre adj, grisly gruesome; having death as a subject
paucity n. scarcity, dearth
portend v. to give advance warning of
raze v. to tear down, destroy completely
recant v. to withdraw a statement or belief to which one has previously been committed
saturate v. to soak thoroughly; to satisfy fully
saturnine adj.cold or sluggish in mood
slough v. to cast off, discard; to plod through as if through mud
Created by: quigleyma