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Med terminology

adip/o Fat
lip/o Fat
derm/o Skin
dermat/o Skin
cutane/o Skin
Hidr/o Sweat
Hydr/o Water
Seb/o Oil
Trich/o Hair
Hist/o Tisssue
Melanoma Black tumor
purpur/o Purple
xanth/o Yellow
xanthoma yellow tumor
myc/o Fungas
mycologist study of fungi
onych/o Nail
plas/o Formation
Bx Biopsy
C&S Culture and Sensitivity
HSV-1 Herpes simplex type 1
HSV-2 Herpes simplex virus type 2
I&D Incision and drainage
SLE systemic lupus erythematosus
1 Degree Primary
2 Degree Secondary
dysplasia Abnormal groweth
squam/o Scale
xer/o Dry
xerosis Condition of dryness
electr/o electrticity
chem/o chemical
cry/o freezing
Carcin/o cancer
scler/o Hardening
scleroderma Hardening of skin
auto self
autograft Transfer to a near positionin the body of the same person
homo Same
homograft Human to human
hetro different or another
hetrograft from one species to another species
epithelium cells coevering internal and external surfaces of the body
epidermis outer most layer of shin
dermis connective tissue of the skin
sebaceous glands oil gland in the skin
sudoriferous gland Sweat glands
keratin Hard protien material
lesion Abnormal groweth on tissue
macule Flat lesion
papule Abump
vesicle Raised lesion w/fluid
pastule "pimple" Vesicle that has pus
wheal Localized skin swelling
ulcer open sore on the skin
excoriation A scratch mark
fissure A crack in the skin
petechia tiny purple spot
nevus mole
comodone Blackhead
eruption Appearance of a skin lesion
prurites Sever itching
urticaria Hives
burn Damaged layer of skin
First degree Least severe "Sunburn"
Secondary 2nd layer of skin "Blisters"
third degree All layers of skin
cellulites Bacterial skin Inflammation
dermatitis Inflammation of skin
atopic Chrinic skin inflammation
contact Inflammation of the skin resulting from contact
Seborrheic Redness of the skin covered by itchy scales
psoriasis Chronic recurrent skin desease
Herpes zoster Shingles
impetigo highly contagious bacterial skin inflammation
pediculosis Infection w/lice
tinea Fungus
debridement Removal of dead or damaged skin
anti-inflammatory A drug that reduces inflammation
antifungal Drug that kills or prevents the growth of fungi
antihistamine Blocks the affect of histamine in the body
antipruritic Drug that relieves itching
ankyl/o Crooked or stiff
arthr/o Joint
brachi/o Arm
cervic/o Neck
chandr/o cartlidge
cost/o Rib
crani/o Skull
dectyl/o Digit "Finfer or toe"
fasci/o Delicate tissue that covers muscle
femor/o big bone
fibr/o Fiber
Lei/o Smooth
lumb/o Lower back
lord/o Bent
myel/o Bone marrow or spinal chord
my/o muscle
oste/o bone
patell/o Knee cap
rhabd/o Rod shaped or striated
sacr/o flesh
spondyl/o spine
vertebra Spine
stern/o Pertaining to breast bone
tendin/o inflammation of tendon
thorac/o Chest
ton/o tone or tension
arthr/algia Joint pain
a/trophy,hyper/trophy Shrinking of tissue such as muscleIncreasing of tissue such as muscle
crepitation/crepitus Grating sound made by movement of joint or broken bone
rigor Stiffness, stiff muscle
spasm involuntary contraction of muscle
tremor Shaking
necrosis Tissue death
bursitis Inflammation of bursa
kyphosis Humpback, hunchback or potts curvature
lordosis curve of lower back
scoliosis curved from side to side
subluxation A partial or incomplete dislocation
analgesic Drug that relieves pain
anti-inflammatory Drug that reduces inflammation
antipyretic Drug that relieves fever
RA Rheumatoid arthritis
EMG Electromyogram
MRI Magnetic resonance imaging
PT physical therapy
NSAID Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug
Fx Fracture
OA Osteo arthritis
ROM Range of motion
XR X-Ray
subcutaneous Below the skin
keratosis Brown spots
ankylosis Crookedness or Stiffness
arthrodesis Binding
arthroalgia Joint pain
arthrocentisis Drawing fluid from joints
brachial Pertaining to the arm
cervical pertaining to neck
chondromalacia softening of cartlidge
costochondritis Inflammation of rib cartlidge
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