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Sacraments Quiz

Religion Quiz - 3rd Qtr. #3 - test on 03/09/06 - ack, it's been awhile.

Easter Vigil ceremony where adults receive sacrament of initiation
Rite of Election the candidates of catecumen are declared ready to complete the process RCIA
neophyte newly baptised person
Baptism by water water is most common form,
Baptism by blood unbaptized people who are martyred by their faith
Baptism by desire an implicit desire to become baptized by a person who loves God and has faith
catecumen unbaptized members of the RCIA
scrutinies rights of repentence
Chrism blessed oil used in Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, & Holy Orders
Baptismal name when a person chooses a Saint to be their protector
Two responsibilities of a Baptized person 1)respond to the vocation of holiness, to life a life of love and loyalty to Jesus 2) reject Satan and sin 3) follow teachings of Christ and the Church
Scripture passage related to Baptism John 3: 22
Duties of parents (atleast two) 1) have child baptized a-sap 2) teach their child the Christian faith 3) model for them the practice of the Faith 4) choose an appropriate Godparent
Four symbols of baptism water (new life; death), oil (protection from evil), white garment (Christ and risen w/ him), lighted candle (light of Christ is not conquered by death; Jesus is the light of the world)
Matter natural blessed water (in an emergency, the water doesn't have to be blessed)
Form "[Name], I baptize youin the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit"
Minister of the Sacrament Priests, deacons, and bishops
3 effects of Baptism (there's more than 3) 1) cleanses the soul of sin (original and personal) 2) bestows the gifts of the Holy Spirit 3) indelibly marks the person 4) makes one a child of God with the right of heaven 5) incorporates one into the faith community (Church) & more
Disposition of an adult who desires baptism 1) believe in the basic truths of the Catholic faith 2) be truly sorry for his/her sins 3) sincerely desire to be baptized
R.C. I.A. stands for... Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
Original sin the primary sin of the first man and woman (i.e. Adam & Eve) that we all are born with the consequences
Baptism baptizein (to immerse/plunge)
baptismal front the place where one is baptized in water
baptistry location in a church where baptisms are performed
immersion fully dipping a person in the water (using Trinitarian formula)
infusion pouring water over the head 3x (using Trinitarian formula)
the four stages of RCIA are 1) Period of Inquiry 2) Catechumenate 3) Period of Purification & Enlightenment 4) Mystagogy
Period of Inquiry (RCIA #1) person gathers info., asks questions, clarifies misunderstanding (indefinite min. 6 months)
Catechumenate (RCIA #2) process of spiritual formation and introduction into parish life (1-3 years) indepth understanding of faith & grow closer to Christ
Period of Purification & Enlightenment (RCIA #3) includes scrutinies, acceptance of Creed and the Lord's prayer choice of Christian name, final statement of purpose (LENT)
Waittt, in what season does the Period of Purification & Enlightenment occur? Lent
and.. for how long does the Period of Inquiry last? min. 6 months
so, the Catechumenate lasts for how many years? 1-3 years
Ok, continue.. Mystagogy (RCIA #4) (mystery) period of growth and reflection for the neophyte in the Christian life
Mystagogy happens from Easter until Pentacost
What's a neophyte again?! a newly baptized person
What's RCIA by definition (not what it stands for)? The process by which adult converts are received into full communion of the Catholic Church amen
What sacraments of Initiation are received before the Christian Community on Easter Vigil? Baptism, Confirmation, & Eucharist
What are catechumens again?! Unbaptized members of RCIA
..and candidates are? baptized members of RCIA
Types of Baptism are Immersion (fully dip a person into water 3x), Infusion (pouring water over the head of the person 3x), and Aspersion (sprinkling head w/ water)
Baptism is the Sacrament of.. rebirth
For a scripture passage related to Baptism, you can use John 3:1-5 aswell
Sacraments (why it's effective) -confer the grace they signify (ex opere operato) --> by the work that is done --> Jesus works through sacraments, therefore it's effective
Council of Florence (1431-32; 1439) officially recognized 7 Sacraments and defined them [St. Thomas Aquinas of Florence]
Council of Trent (March 3, 1547) -defined + named the 7 Sacraments that were instituted by Christ to give grace
Birth --> we begin at birth --> Baptism is our birth into new life of grace
Adulthood --> we grow stronger & more mature (no more G.I. Joe & Star Wars action figures. Sorry, Mr. Coito) --> confirmation gives us the power to become stronger and more mature in the life of grace
Food --> we need nourishment in order to live/sustain life --> Eucharist is our spiritual nourishment -- The Body and Blood of JC
Medicine --> when we are sick, wounded, disease, etc., we need to be cared for & healed --> Sacrament of Healing (Penance/Anointing of the Sick)
Propogastion (new life) --> matrimoney
Government --> laws kept
Conditional baptism yo "If you have not been baptized, I baptize you...
Christening "to make like Christ"
Baptismal vows/promises (examples of ?s) Do you reject Satan? And all his works? And all his empty promises? Do you reject sin so as to live in the freedom of God's children? Do you reject the glamour of evil, and refuse to be mastered by sin?
Baptismal vows promises made at Baptism by the person baptized, or by the parents, godparents, and assembly, to reject sin and confess the Christian faith
Tests are lame. Can I get an amen, puhhleaze?
Created by: villanova