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Geography Chapter 2


How long does it take to finish on rotation? One revolution? 24 hours and 365.25
Factors that influence climate? Land forms, elevation, currents, latitude
external features of Earth Hydrosphere, lithosphere, atmosphere, biosphere
Internal features crust, mantle, core
Day in Northern hemisphere with most sunlight solstice
Earth has _ climate zones and which one do we live in 6, continental
What is the difference between climate and weather. Climate is long term and weather is short term.
When day/night in both hemispheres are equal in length. Equinox
Average weather conditions over a long period of time climate
One complete trip around the sun Revolution
Earth has been constantly changing since its beginning ___ billion years ago 4.5
Forces work below the Earth's surface. Internal forces
Weathering, erosion, human factors external forces
Fast changes earthquakes, tsunami, volcanoes
Slow changes plate tectonics, mountains, islands, canyons
to move around something orbit
The layer of gases that surround the Earth atmosphere
Purpose of the leap year keep calendar accurate
Most of earths landforms (mountains, islands, canyons..) were created under earths surface. True or false True
All things on Earth Biosphere
Removing salt from from water to make it drinkable. Desalinization
Narrow strip of land connecting two larger land masses. Isthmus
Pollution that falls to the ground as rain. Acid Rain
The ocean floor, like the ground we walk on is part of Earths mantle. True or False False
Worlds deepest point. Mariana Trench
How deep is the worlds deepest point 35,000
Worlds longest mountain chain. Mid-Atlantic Ridge
The three states that water exists in. Vapor, Solid, and Liquid
Percentage of salt water on Earth 97%
Amount of fresh water on Earth 3%
Where is most of the fresh water at Ice caps
Created by: Blake OABCIG
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