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From PPT on physical geography of Europe

What is a Peninsula? Land surrounded by water on 3 sides
Name some countries that are peninsulas in Europe? Italy, Spain/Portugal, Sweeden, Greece
How many peninsulas are there in Europe? 7
What is an island? Land totally surrounded by water
Name some European countries that are islands? Iceland, Ireland, United Kingdom
Name some mountain ranges in Europe? Alps, Urals, Pyrennes
What is the largest mountain range in Europe? Alps
Which sea separates Europe from Africa? Mediterranean
Where is the North Sea located and why is it important? Between UK and Denmark; oil has been discovered there.
What is the body of water between England and France and what is underneath it? English Channel; a highway tunnel to connect the two countries.
Which country in Europe has the highest population and which has the lowest population? Germany has the highest, Vatican City has the lowest
Where and what is Vatican City? It is a country within the city of Rome Italy and it is where the Pope lives.
How did most of Europe become Urbanized? Because of the Industrial Revolution; factories sprang up and people moved from the rural country areas to the city/urban areas for jobs.
What has divided European countries from one another throughout history? Ethnicity
What is Ethnic Diversity? People from different ethnic backgrounds living together.
What is Ethnic Cleansing? One ethnic group deciding to exterminate (kill) or expel (make move) another ethnic group.
What is the European Union? A community of European Countries that have joined together to better trade with one another and have created their own currency called the Euro.
Created by: htanderson