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Fine Arts

Test 3

Abstract sculpture differs from abstract painting in which way? Sculpture evokes, visual, aural or olfactory involvement.
What is exceedingly beautiful for the feelings, thoughts and purposefulness of the spirit. human body
What emphasizes spatial relationship. Space sculpture
What appeals more than painting to common sense? Sculpture
A successful what usually should be perceived as in the same space as the perceiver? sculpture
Sculpture that has grooves of various depths cut into the surface plane of stone while the surface remains clearly perceptible is what? Sunken Relief
What do not represent specific objects and events? Abstract Sculptures
Which of the following best describes earth sculptures? a design in the earth that uses the earth as its medium.
What draws us in? Centered space
The power of space is often ignored because why? We are preoccupied by practical problems.
An earth-rooted building tends to stress what? horizontal lines
The inter-centrality of what was considered weak because the inter space is divided? Parthenon
Sky-oriented architecture may do the following except: it will not emphasize or accent the earth around it.
A building will appear to do what if it sweeps our vision upward to the sky. defy gravity
What kind of architecture tends to reveal the world as an encompassing entity by calling attention the the sky. sky-oriented
Earth resting building usually have what? flat roofs.
When notes sounded together tend to be grating or unpleasant the resulting sound is called what? dissonance
A group of notes played in succession with a perceivable shape is called a what? melody
Dynamics in music refers to what? loudness or softness
Music is one of the most powerful of the arts partially because sounds create what? involuntary reactions
the element of music that most helps us identify a waltz is its what? Rhythm
A musical structure in which the same melody is repeated over and over again with different treated and without intervening new material is called what? theme and variations
A structure in which a refrain is repeated after statements of different material is called a what? rondo
A structure in which the melody is stated, then repeated, with the first statement being played as the background, as in "row row row your boat," is a what? fugue
what is faster than allegretto and slower than vivace? Allegro
What is faster than lento and slower than andante? Adagio
Created by: Emily Sue