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Ms I Mid East

Middle east study test

A place where water is available in the desert Oasis
What is a risk of transporting oil by tanker Oil Spill
Dead Sea is a? Landlocked salt lake
Petroleum that has not been processed is called Crude oil
A refinery is a place where what happens? Crude oil is converted into gasoline
Who are the group of people living in the areas of Turkey, Iraq, and Iran Kurds
Opec does what? Control World wide prices
The prophet Muhammad was the founder of what religion? Islam
What is the spot that Muslims believe Muhammad rose up to heaven? Dome of Rock
What are the 5 pillars of Islam? declaration, prayer,charity, fasting, pilgrimage,
What needs to happen in order for large scale farming to take place? Dams and irrigation system
The place Muslims go to worship is called a ? mosque
Most Muslims belong to what branch of Muslim? Sunni
Group in Afghanistan which impose rigid rules on society? Taliban
Resources that are so valuable nations will go to war to ensure its steady supply? Strategic commodity
When someone is from a stateless nation it means what? People without land to legally occupy
Which river forms a natural boundary between Israel and Jordan Jordan river
Movement to create and support Jewish homeland in Palestine? Zionism
Holiest site for jews Western Wall
A government controlled by religious leaders is called a theocratic government
Created by: MsIkhimokpa