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Ethics: Great Traditions - University of Montana Strohl

What is Aristotle's view of happiness? He believes it is an objective condition that either you have or you don't. The three lives are the life of pleasure, honor and study.
Explain Aristotle's view of goods. A good is something that brings you happiness, either directly or indirectly.
What are the three kinds of Goods? (Aristotle) Type 1 good is a non-instrumental good that is an innocent pleasure. Type 2 good is either instrumental or non-instrumental and can be like intelligence. A type 3 good is an instrumental good like working for money.
Explain the concept behind Gyge's Ring. Anyone who has the ability to become invisible will use this power in his advantage to act unjust. They do this because to be just is not a good to the individual. This shows that justice is a type 3 good.
Define what makes a just city. A city that has rulers that show temperance, wise rulers, and brave soldiers. Everyone does what they do well.
What are the three parts of the soul? Reason, spirit and appetite.
What is meant by reason? Soul of executive authority
What is meant by spirit? Part of you that gets angry (soldiers)
What is meant by appetite? Wanting something that you shouldn't have (productive class)
Describe the principle of opposites. The girardia example. You are thirsty and see some water but don't drink it because you know the risk of disease.
Describe what is appetite vs spirit. Leonitus pedafile example. Odessey example - wife cheats with servants and servants drink your booze. If you buy your time you can kill all of them.
What is Aristotle's answer to Glaucous challenge? Justice is the health of the soul. Health is an instrumental good. If justice is the health of the soul it is a non-instrumental good. It is always better to be just then unjust because justice is a precondition to happiness.
Why is it better to be just than unjust? Because the soul is strife in an unjust person and if you are controlled by your appetite then you are out of control.
How does Aristotle view virtue? Virtue is viewed as excellence. Virtue is doing an ability and doing it well. Wittiness is virtuous.
What is the human good? Aristotle views the human good as reasoning well. That is what separates us from animals.
How does Aristotle view the ultimate life? He sees it as the life of study (studying philosophy).
What are the kinds of virtue? Perception, continence and incontinence.
What is meant by continence? Not having something because you know not to have it.
What is meant by incontinence? Having something even though you know not to have it.
What is meant by perception? It can be shaped by reason.
Created by: JGILL40167
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