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Types of orthotics

Scorebuilders 2010

What are the three functions of a rigid and semirigid foot orthotic? 1) improve function2)correct foot alignment3) relieve pain
What does the metal AFO consist of? Two metal uprights connected proximally to a calf band and distally to a mechanical ankle joint and shoe.
What type of ankle can a metal AFO have? ankle joint can be locked or can be set to have limited anterior/posterior capability
Proper fit of a plastic AFO requires that a person be casted in what foot position? subtalar neutral position
What would a footplate help with if it was incorporated into an AFO? assist with tone reduction
What are the advanatages of a plastic AFO? cosmetic,lighter, it does not fluctuate if a person has edema
What ankle motion does the solid AFO help control? DF/PF, and inversion/eversion
What helps control the ankle motion in the solid AFO's? a trim line anterior to the malleoli
What type of ankle joint can a solid AFO have? an articulating ankle joint and one that keeps the ankle at 90 degrees
What does the articulating ankle joint in the AFO allow the tibia to do? allows tibia to advance over the foot during the mid to late stance phase of gait
What type of AFO is the posterior leaf spring and what is its purpose? plastic AFO that has a primary purpose is to assist with DF and prevent foot drop
Where is the trim line located in a posterior leaf spring AFO? trim line is posterior to the malleoli
What type of ankle control does the posterior leaf spring require? requires adequate medial lateral control by the patient
How can a floor reaction AFO assist with knee extension during stance? positioning of the calf band and/or positioning at the ankle
What type of patients are AFO's normally prescribed for? peripheral neuropathy, nerve lesions or hemiplegia
What does the metal KAFO consist of? two metal uprights extending from the foot/shoe to the thigh with calf and thigh bands
What does the plastic KAFO consist of? plastic thigh shell connected to a plastic ankle-foot orthosis through metal uprights lateral and medial to the knee joint
How can the KAFO provide stability at the knee? can lock the knee joint out
Who is the Craig-Scott KAFO designed for and what does it allow them to do? persons with paraplegia; allows them to stand with a posterior lean of the trunk
What does the HKAFO consist of? bilateral KAFO with an extension to the hip joints with use of a pelvic band
What motions of the hip can the HKAF control? rotation of the hip and abd/adduction
What type of gait pattern do patients have when wearing HKAFO's? swing-to or swing through gait pattern
What does the Reciprocating Gait Orthosis (RGO's) do and who primarily uses them? Derivative of the HKAFO that incorporates a cable system to assist with advancement of the LE during gait. When the pt weight bears on one leg, the cable system helps pull the other leg forward. Used primarily with patients who have paraplegia
What is a parapodium? standing frame designed to allow a patient to sit when necessary. prefabricated frame and ambulation is achieved by shifting weight and rocking the base across the floor. It is primarily used by the pediatric population.
What is a corset and what is it used for? constructed of fabric and may have metal uprights within the material to provide abdominal compression and support.Used to provide pressure and relieve pain associated with mide and low back pain pathologies.
When is a halo vest orthosis used? cervical spinal cord injuries to prevent further further damage or dislocation during the recovery period-pt will wear vest until the spine becomes stable
What type of orthosis is a halo vest orthosis and what does it consist of? an invasive cervical thoracic orthosis; metal ring with four posts that attach to a vest which is secured by inserting four pins through the ring into the skull
What motions does the halo vest orthosis prevent? full restriction of cervical motion
When is the Milwauee orthosis used? to promote realignment of the spine due to scoliotic curvature
What does the Milwaukee brace consist of? custom made and extends from pelvis to the upper chest; corrective padding is applied to the areas of severity of the curve
What type of orthotic is the Taylor brace and what does it do? thoracolumbosacral orthosis; limits trunk flexion and extension through a 3 point control design
What motions does a throracolumbosacral orthosis (TLSO) prevent and when is it used? custom molded TLSO prevents all trunk motions; used as post-surgical stabilizationRigid shell is fabricated from plastics in a bivalve style using straps/Velcro to secure the orthosis
Created by: mbutterfly
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