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word list 42


sadistic inclined 2 cruelty
saga any legend
sagacious perceptive,shrewd,having insight
sage person celebrated for wisdom
salacious lascivious,lustful
salient prominent
sallow yellowish,sickly in color
salubrious healthful
salutary tending to improve,beneficial
salvage rescue from loss
sanctimonious displaying ostentations/hypocritical devoutness
sanguinary bloody
sanguine cheerful,hopeful
sap diminish,undermine
sardonic sarcastic,cynical,disdainful
sate satisfy to the full,cloy
satire form of litrerature which has mocking.sarcasm,irony etc
saturine gloomy
satyr half human
saunter stroll slowly
savant scholar
savor enjoy have a distinctive flavor,smell,quality
savory tasty,pleasing,attractive
scabbard case for a sword bed/sheath
scad a great quantity
schism division,split
scintilla shred,least bit
scintillate sparkle,flash
scoff mock,ridicule
scotch stamp out,thwart,hinder
scourge lash,whip,serve punishment
scruple fret about,hesitate for ethical reasons
scrupulous conscientious,extremely thorough
scuffle struggle confusedly,move off in a confused hurry
scurrilous obscene,indecent
scurry move briskly
scurvy despicable,contemptible
scuttle sink
seamy sordid,unwholesome
sear char/burn,brand
seasoned experienced
secession withdrawal
seclusion isolation,solitude
secular wordly,temporal
sedate composed,grave
sedentary requiring sitting
sedition resistance to authority,insubordination
sedulous diligent(hard work)
seedy run down,decrepit,disrefutable
seemly proper,appropiate
seethe be disturbed,boil
seine net for catching fish
semblance outward appearance,guise
seminal germinal
seminary school for training future ministers
sensual devoted to the pleasures of the senses
sententious terse,concise,aphoristic
sentinent capable of sensation,aware,sensitive
sepulcher tomb
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