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RTE 1804B Chp 15

Chp 15 Lower Gastrointestinal System

List three divisions of the small bowel in descending order, starting with the widest Duodenum, jejunum and Ileum
Which division of the small bowel is the shortest Duodenum
Which division of the small bowel is the longest Ileum
Which division of the SB has a feathery or coiled spring appearance during a SBS Jejunum
How long is the average small bowel if removed and stretched during an autopsy 23ft
In a person with good muscle tone, the length of the entire small bowel is 15-18 feet
The average length of the large intestine 5 feet
In which two ab quadrants would the majority of the jejunum be found LUQ, LLQ
Which muscular band marks the junction between the duodenum and jejunum ligament of Tretiz
Which two aspects of the large intestine are not considered part of the colon Cecum and Rectum
The colon consists of ____ sections and ___ flexures 4 and 2
List two functions of the ileocecal valve prevents contents from passing to quickly into cecum, to prevent refluz
What is another term for the appendix Vermiform
Longest aspect of the large intestine Transverse colon
Widest portion of the largest intestine Cecum
A blind pouch inferior to the ileocecal valve Appendix
Aspect of small intestine that is the smallest in diameter but the longest in length Ileum
Distal part also called the iliac colon Descending colon
Shortest aspect of small intestine Duodenum
Lies in pelvis but possesses a wide freedom of motion Sigmoid colon
Makes up 40% of the small intestine Jejunum
Found between the cecum and transverse colon Ascending colon
What is the term for the three bands of muscle that pull the large intestine into pouches Taeniae coli
Which portion of the small intestine is located primarily to the left of the midline Jejunum
Which portion of the small intestine is located primarily in the RLQ Ileum
Which aspect of the small intestine is most fixed in position Duodenojejunal junction
In which quadrant does the terminal ileum connect with the large intestine RLQ
The widest portion of the large bowel is the Cecum
Which flexure of the large bowel usually extends more superiorly Splenic (left colic)
Inflammation of the vermiform appendix is called Appendicitis
Which structures will fill with air during a double contrast barium enema with the patient supine Transverse colon and sigmoid colon
Which aspect of the GI tract is primarily responsible for digestion, absorption and reabsorption Small intestine
Which aspect of the GI tract is responsible for the synthesis and absorption of vitamins B and K and amino acids Large intestine
Common birth defect found in the ileum Meckel's diverticulum
Common parasitic infection of the small intestine Giardiasis
Obstruction of the small intestine Ileus
Patient with lactose or sucrose sensitivities Malabsorption syndrome
New growth Neoplasm
A form of sprue Celiac disease
Inflammation of the intestine Enteritis
Form of inflammatory disease of the GI Tract Regional enteritis
Circular staircase or herringbone sign Ileus
Cobblestone appearance Regional enteritis
Apple core sign Adenocarcinoma
Dilation of the intestine with thickening of circular folds Giardiasis
Large diverticulum of the ileum Meckel's divertculum
Beak sign Volvulus
Meckel's diverticulum is best diagnosed with which imaging modality Nuc medicine
Whipple's disease is a rare disorder of the Proximal small intestine
list two conditions that may prevent the use of barium during a small bowel series Perf. hollow viscus, large bowel obsruction
How much barium is generally given to an adult patient for a small bowel only series 2 cups or 16oz
When is a small bowel series deemed completed Barium passes through ileocecal valve
How long does it take to complete an adult small bowel series 2 hours
When is the first image taken during s small bowel series 15-30min
The term enteroclysis describes what type of small bowel study Double contrast small bowel
Which two pathologic conditions are best evaluated through and entercolysis procedure small bowel ileus, malabsorption syndromes
A procedure to alleviate postoperative distention of a small intestine obstruction is called Therapeutic intubation
What is the recommended patient preparation before a small bowel series NPO 8 hours, no smoking or gum
Which postion is recommended for small bowel images Prone
A twisting of a portion of the intestine on its own mesentery Volvulus
Outpouching of the mucosal wall Diverticulum
Inflammatory condition of the large intestine Colitis
Severe form of colitis Ulcerative colitis
Telescoping of one part of the intestine into another Intussusception
Inward growth extending from the lumen of the intestinal wall Polyp
A condition of numerous herniations of the mucosal wall of the large intestine is called diverticulum
Condition may produce a tapered or corkscrew image sign during barium enema Volvulus
Condition may produce the cobblestone image during a barium enema Ulcerative colitis
What is the most common form of carcinoma found in the large intestine Annular carcinoma
Volvulus occurs more frequently in males or females Males
List three types of enema tips commonly used Plastic disposable, rectal retention, and air-contrast retention
What water temp. is recommended for barium enema mixture 85-90 degrees (room temp)
To minimize spasm during a barium enema ____ can be added to the contrast media mixture Lidocaine
What is the name of the postion recommended for insertion of the rectal enema tip Sim's
Most effective to demonstrate small polyps in the colon Double contrast barium enema
Which one of the following clinical conditions is best demonstrated with evacuative proctography Rectal prolapse
Which aspect of the large intestine must be demonstrated during evacuative proctography anorectal angle
Into which position is the patient placed for imaging during the evacuative protogram Lateral
Another term for CT colongography (ctc) is Virtual colonoscapy
Which of the following projections is recommended to be taken during a small bowel series Prone PA
Where is the CR centered for the 15 minute radiograph during a small bowel series 2 inches above iliac crest
What kV is recommended for a small bowel series (single contrast study) 100-125 kV
What are the breathing instructions for a projection taken during a small bowel series on expiration
When is a small bowel series complete When it reaches ileocecal valve
Which AEC chambers should be activated for both PA small bowel or barium enema projections All three chambers
Which type of patient habitus may require two 14x17 crosswise cassettes for an AP barium enema image Hypersthenic
Which position(s) taken during a barium enema will best demonstrate the right colic flexure LPO or RAO
How much body rotation is required for oblique barium enema projection 35-40 degrees
Which position should be performed if the patient cannot lie prone on the table to visualize the left colic flexure RPO
Which of the following barium projections produces the greatest amount of skin dose Lateral
Which position, taken during a double contrast barium enema, will produce an air filled image of the right colic flexure, ascending colon and cecum Left lateral decub
Where is the CR centered for a lateral projection of the rectum Level of ASIS and MSP
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