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RPD Geography

What major roads run north and south through Romeoville? Weber Road and Rte 53
What roads go from Rte 53 to Weber Road Normantown, 135th or Romeo rd, Taylor Road and Renwick Rd
What County is Romeoville in? Will
What Township is Romeoville in? Lockport
Where does Romeoville start and end from the North to the South? Joliet Road and Bluff Road / Renwick and Rte 53
Where does Romeoville end on the West side? Weber Road / 115th st
What is on the corner of Murphy and Troxel Irene King
What bank is near Phelps and Townhall Harris
What credit union is on Renwick? Argonne
How many Fire Depatments service Romeoville? 3
What is Lockport Fire's jurisdiction? South of Taylor and West of Weber
Who handles Lockport Fire calls? WesCom
What gas stations is at Weber and Taylor? Jewel Express
What intersection will you find Jewel? Weber / Taylor
What intersection will you find Dominicks? Weber / Romeo Rd or 135th st
Can you take Airport road to Weber from Rte. 53? No
Can you take Taylor Rd from Rte 53 to Weber? Yes
Where are the dog kennels? On Rock Road by Crazy Rock behind the storage facilities off of Rte 53.
Where is Village Hall currently? Directly accross the street from the Police Department. 13 Montrose Drive.
How many Romeoville fire stations are in Romeoville? 3
How many Fire stations house ambulances? 2
What intersection is Mickeys bar near? Budler / Airport
What is Mainstreet Skate Rink now called? USA
Where is (was) 84 Lumber? Joliet Rd / Rte 53
Where is (was) Old Jewel Spartan Square
Old Ace is on Rte 53 between what streets? Honeytree / Enterprise
Ats A Nice Pizza is in what plaza? Romeo
What business center is located at the Belmont extension? Paragon
What town will you enter if you continue travel on Weber South? Crest Hill
What town will you enter if you continue travel on Weber North Bolingbrook
Created by: beckieboo
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