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12 - Leviticus

An overview of the key passages in Leviticus

QuestionAnswerMemory Hint
Leviticus 1 Offerings: Burnt, Meal, Peace, Sin, and Guilt. A pair of Jeans with no one inside them, placing a tree with all kinds of offerings strung out on it, onto an alter.
Leviticus 6 The administration of offerings. A priest standing in jeans, with a revolver and verfying that all the offerings are done in accordance with God's laws.
Leviticus 8 Consecration of the priesthood. A spider in jeans beeing anointed with oil. He is not enjoying the experience.
Leviticus 10 Nadab and Abihu-Strange fire. Two priests in jeans offering toes instead of the proper offerings specified by God.
Leviticus 11 Laws regarding purity and leprosy. A lepros man and all kinds of unclean animals milling around between two goal posts.
Leviticus 16 Laws regarding Atonement. And the use of blood. A priest waving a candy cain to make atonement for Israel.
Leviticus 18 Sanctification for the people, and sexual sins. A crowd of Israelites wearing graduation hats, to show that they have been sancified.
Leviticus 21 Sanctification of priests, and other laws regarding them. A priest gathering up beer bottles and throwing them away, since they are unclean.
Leviticus 23 Worship-Feasts, Trumpets, Oil for Lamps, Show bread. A bunch of cocroaches celibrating and blowing trumpets.
Leviticus 25 Laws for Land, Years of Jubilee, and Obedience and Disobedience. God raining quarters on the Land, when the people are obedient. There is Jubilee.
Leviticus 27 Consecration of People, Animals, Houses, Fields... A priest consectrating a dice and a shoe.
Created by: Man of God