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Of Mice and Men Review game

Lennie's Aunt's name Clara
The only black man on the ranch Crooks
Means to lie down or recline Recumbent
Lennie and George came from which town? Weed
George catches Lennie petting a dead what? Mouse
Lennie's main goal is to be able to tend what? Rabbits
Lennie is told to hide in the brush down by the River
Which character does Lennie get nervous talking to the most? Curley's Wife
George tells the Boss that Lennie is his Cousin
Curley always thinks that his wife is with who? Slim
Curley's Wife says that she can have Crooks_____________________ if he doesn't remember his place on the ranch. Hanged
What did Lennie do to the girl in Weed? Pulled on her skirt and wouldn't let go
Where does Lennie tell George he can go live if George doesn't want him around anymore? In a cave in the mountains
What made George stop teasing Lennie all of the time? Lennie jumped in the Sacramento River
Carlson want to kill... Candy's dog
What does Candy wish he had done himself? Shoot his dog
Candy has had his dog since... it was a pup
What do the guys on the ranch say Curley's Wife has? The eye
Which whorehouse do the guys like to go to? Susy's
How much will it cost the guys to get the farm that George found? 600
What did Candy lose on the ranch? His hand
What does Candy hope they do to him when they fire him? Shoot him
What is George worried will happen if other guys find out that they're buying a farm? They'll get fired
What does Curley wear on his hand? A glove full of vasaline
What can Crooks do that surpirses everyone? Read
How does Crooks react to Lennie coming into his bunk? He's angry at him
Crooks isn't allowed where? In the bunkhouse
What is Lennie's job on the ranch? Buck barley
What is Candy's job on the ranch? swamper
Who is the only woman on the ranch? Curley's Wife
What does Lennie do to Curley's hand? Crushed it
Why does Curley start the fist fight with Lennie? He thinks Lennie is laughing at him
What is the last story that George tells Lennie before he shoots him? Their American dream
What is Lennie worried about after he crushes Curley's hand? Tending the rabbits
What does Curley's Wife call Lennie once she realizes that he is the one who crushed Lennie's hand? Machine
What does George usually do after he has yelled at Lennie? Apoligizes
What does Crooks say about Lennie's dream of getting the ranch? It'll never happen
What does Crooks tell Lennie George is going to do? Never come back
What was Curley's Wife's American dream? To be an actress
How does Curley's Wife feel about Curley? She doesn't like him
What does Slim give Lennie? A puppy
What does Lennie eventually do to his puppy? Kills it
Why does Lennie like to pet mice? They're soft
What does Curley's Wife tell Lennie to do in the barn? Touch her hair
What does Curley's Wife do once Lennie starts to mess up her hair? Pulls away
How does Lennie kill Curley's Wife? Snaps her neck
Who finds Curley's Wife? Candy
Where do the guys on the ranch plan to shoot Lennie? In the gut
What does Candy realize they're not going to be able to get once Lennie kills Curley's Wife? The ranch
Who actually took Carlson's Luger? George
Who do the guys think took Carlson's Luger? Lennie
What is the first thing that Lennie imagines talking to when he's by the river? His Aunt Clara
What is the second thing that Lennie imagines talking to when he's by the river? A rabbit
What does the rabbit Lennie is talking to at the end tell him George is going to do? Beat him and leave him
Where does George shoot Lennie? Back of the head
Which characters are confused by the end of the novel? Carlson and Curley
Which character understands why George killed Lennie? Slim
Why does George say he had to shoot Lennie? Self defense
Which word means to be arrogant? Imperiously
What wor means to always be ready to fight? Pugnacious
Which word means foreshadowing evil? Ominously
Which word means to be really interested in something? Absorbedly
Which word means to show suffering or sorrow? Plaintively
Which word means to calm down? Mollified
Which word means to make reduce someone's character? Derogatory
Which word means something that people make fun of you for? Derision
Which word means to be open to new ideas? Receptive
Which word means that something is so bad it deserves blame? Reprehensible
Which word means to be at a distance? Aloof
Which word means to twist in pain? Writhed
Which word means to not be happy? Discontent
Which word means to answer back with an attitude? Retorted
The theme of violence plays a part in the end when George kills Lennie
Loneliness is the cause of the end of the novel because... Curley's Wife is lonley and that's why she talks to Lennie
The farm with rabbits and "living off the fatta the lan" is George and Lennie's version of... The American dream
Along with giving Candy a job on the ranch for losing his hand, they also give him Money
All of the guys on the ranch think that George and Lennie are strange because they don't understand The idea of friendship
Crooks got a crooked back when A horse kicked him in the spine
The death of Lennie is similar to the death of Candy's dog
Candy's dog is Candy's... Best friend
The novel takes place in which state? California
What is the area that the novel takes place in called? The Salinas Valley
Created by: lombardoa
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