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Hum1010 Film cards

Hum1010 Film cards (Test one)

What were the three things about humanities Kevin Spacey thought were important? 1.Culture unites us 2.Economic growth 3.The common good
What are the four legs in film production? Screenplay, Direction, Cinematograpy, and Editing
The Movie process is divided up into three segments, what are they? Pre-production, Production, and Post-production
What is the well known statement from Paul Greengrass? "Acting of a very high quality (is) to compel attention without dialogue."
Katharine Hepburn earned four academy awards, what movies were they for? Morning Glory, Guess who's coming to dinner, The lion in Winter, On Golden Pond
What were the first two major color films to come out? The Wizard of Oz, and Gone With the Wind
What did Edison invent? The film strip, and the projector
Who's Muybridge? Took seiries of pictures of people and animals in motion
What is done in the Pre-production stage? The Screenplay of the movie
What is done in the Production stage? Direction, and Cinematography
What is done in the Post-production stage? Editing, Special FX, Music, and Sound
Call-Back Reference in dialogue to some specific thing mentioned earlier
Double Margins Description is placed between the outer margins and dialogue is placedbetween the inner margins
Exposition Process of explaining or disclosing background information through the use of dialogue and/or visual images
Film Noir Dark, black and white, crime movies
Satire screen or literary work that abuses government
Sequence a series of shots with a continuity of location, action, time, or story
Subtext Content underneath the spoken dialogue
Business Small action used by the actor to add depth to that character
Direction Instructions given by the director
Shtick Nickname for a routine
Cross cut Alternating shots of action from two independent scenes and locations
Cutting with-in the camera Going from one kind of shot to another kind of shot in the same shot
Establishing shot Wide-angle shot to establish the location
Extended shot A shot lasting longer than one minute
Gag Name of a special effect or stunt
Principal photography All the shots with dialogue
Prosses shot where the actors act in front of a screen that is projecting the background
Pick-up The shots without dialogue
Sight gag Joke based on visual comedy
Wrapped The movie is wrapped when the principal photography is finished
Continuity Orderly progression of action to ensure proper development of story
Dissolve old fades out while the new fades in
Foley Artist Someone who makes Human sound effects
Jump cut Cut between scenes changes abruptly to another circumstance
Locked When editing is done
Spotting session Going over the movie and finding out where sound needs to be added/removed or increased/decreased
Created by: Foxman
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