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Ch. 11

Bony Thorax, Sternum, and Ribs

What is the main function of the bony thorax? serve as an expandable, bellowslike chamber, wherein the interior capacity expands and contracts during inspiration and expiration.
What does the bony thorax consist of? Sternum, Thoracic Vertebra, and the 12 pairs of ribs.
Is the Sternum projected Aneriorly or Posteriorly? Anteriorly
Is the Thoracic vertebra projected Anteriorly or Posteriorly? Posteriorly
Where is the most common site for a bone marrow biopsy? Sternum
An AP or PA projection of the sternum demonstrates the thoracic spine minimally. True/Fasle Fales: it projects the sternum minimally.
What are the three segments of the sternum? Manubrium (upper portion), Body (middle portion), and Xiphoid Process (most inferior)
What is the length of the Manubrium? 2in. (5cm)
What is the length of the Body? 4in. (10cm)
The four segments of the Body beings during puberty and is not completed until what age? 25
What is the Xiphoid Process composed of and when does it totally ossify? cartilage; 40yrs.
Whats another name for the palpable jugular notch? suprasternal or manubrial notch
The Jugular Notch is at what level? T2-T3
What is the Sternal Angle? where the lower end of the manubrium joins the body of the sternum.
The Sternal Angle is an easily palpated landmark that can be used to locate other structures of the bony thorax. True/False True
What is the level of the Sternal Angle?q T4-T5
What is the level of the Xiphoid Process? T9-T10
Where is the level for the Inferior Rib (costal) angle? L2-L3
What is the Sternoclavicular Joint? where each clavicle articulates with the manubrium laterally at the clavicular notch on eatch side.
What is the only bony connection between each shoulder girdle and the bony thorax? Sternoclavicular Joint.
What connects directly to the sternum? clavicles and the cartilages of the first seven pairs of ribs
The anterior ribs untire directly with the sternum. True/False False: they unite to the sternum via a short piece of cartilage called costocartilage
What is Costocartilage? the short piece of cartilage that attaches the ribs to the sternum.
Where does the first costocartilage connect to? manubrium
Where does the second costocartilage connect to? sternum at the level of the sternal angle
Where do the third through the seventh costocartilages connect directly to? body of the sternum
Which ribs posses costocartilage but are connected at the 7th costocartilage, which then connects to the sternum? 8,9,10
Which ribs are considered false ribs? last five pairs of ribs (8,9,10,11,12)
Whats another name for the posterior end of a rib? vertebral end
Whats another name for the anterior end of a rib? sternal end
What does the Head of the rib articulate with? one or two thoracic vertebral bodies as well as the neck of the rib
What does the Tubercle of the rib articulate with? the transverse process of of a vertebra and allows for attachment of a ligament
What is the Costal Groove? contains blood vessels and nerves
The vertebral end of a typical rib is 3-5in higher than ghe anterior/sternal end. True/False True
What does the lower inside margin of each rib protect? an artery, a vein, and a nerve
Where is the bony thorax its widest (in diameter)? lateral margins of the 8th or 9th ribs
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