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AICP Cards #3

Census Data etc.

In the 2000 census, what percentage of house holds received the long form? 17%
In which year was the US census the shortest on record for the short form? 1820, 1950, 1970, 2000, 2010 2000
Which state saw the highest amount of inmigration between '95-'00 Neveda. It had a increase of 151.5 persons per 1000 of inhabitants.
Which state saw the highest amount of out-migration between '95-'00 Hawaii.
The highest gross migrationbetween 1995 and 2000, indicatingthe total movement in and outof an area during a particular period,was seen in which 5 states? California, Florida, Texas, New York, and Illinois
The region with the lowest levels of inmigration, gross migration,and net migration was? the Northeast.
The South experienced net inmigration of this race while the West had net out migration of this race to other U.S. regions. Blacks, Hispanics (respectfully)
This region experienced a netmigration gain of Hispanics,but had a net migration lossfor all other groups. Midwest
The West’s net migrationgain was concentrated in which division? The Mountain division
This state had the largest netmigration gain of Blacks. Georgia
This state had the largestnet migration gain of non-Hispanic Whites. Florida
This state had the largest net migration gain of Asians. Nevada
These two states had the highest net migration loss of all four race/Hispanic origin groups. New York and California
In 2000, as in 1990, WestThese two states maintained their positions as the states with the highest proportions of owner-occupied housing Virginia and Minnesota
Among the states, this state showed the largest percentage gain in housing units between 1990 and 2000. Nevada
Home values were highest where in the US during 1990-2000? in the West
This State continued to have thehighest median home value among states. Hawaii
According to 2000 Census Data, where is the mean center of population for the United States? Phelps County, Missouri
Which of the following was eliminated from the 2000 Census? Source of water
A MSA includes what? At least one city with 50,000 or more and a total metropolitan population of 100,000.
How many subjects are on the short form of the 2000 US Census 7
What is the smallest leval at which all census data is released? Census Tract
A Tribal Statistical Area is A unit drawn by tribes that do not have a recognized area.
What precentage of urban rsiding Americna's lived in poverty according to the 2000 census 15.9%
Created by: lailport
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