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Criminal Justice

Terms, dates, definitions

What type of system is the US Criminal Justice system? Adversarial system
How does the National Crime Victimization Survey get its information? By surveying victims
How does the Uniform Crime Report get its information? Police reporting
The two best sources of criminal statistics are... National Crime Victimization Report and the Uniform Crime Report
Who makes the Uniform Crime Report? The FBI
What is more common, interracial or intraracial crime? Intraracial - not of the same race
Why are criminal statistics unreliable? Statistics have: concealment, non-reporting, under-reporting, manipulations (all from police chiefs)
Why are there different categories of crimes? For sentencing purposes
What year did criminal statistics start? 1929
Who started criminal statistics? Association of Police Chiefs (lobbying group)
Who took over criminal statistics after the APC could not handle it? The FBI
What is the most accurate source for criminal statistics? Nothing
Why is crime not reported? Victims are scared of attacker or have no faith in system. Vigilantes take law into their own hands. Offenders don't want the police asking them questions.
Who is President Obama pick for the Supreme Court? Sanya Sotomayor
How many Supreme Court Justices are there? 9
Who is the current Supreme Court Justice? John Roberts
Define: doing justice The basis for the rules, procedures and institution of the criminal justice system
Define: federalism A system of government in which power is divided between a central (national) and regional (state) governments
What events in the 1960s stirred interest in the criminal justice system? rising crime rate, Vietnam war and the Civil Rights Movement
Define: adversarial Two sided legal "battle", between prosecution and defense, to prove innocence or guilt. Both sides are intended to be equally paired adversaries.
Define: mala in se Offenses that are wrong in themselves
Define: mala prohibita Acts that are crimes because they are prohibited
Define: visible crime "street crime", violent crimes, property crimes, public order
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