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Whats an electronic machine that accepts, processes, provides and stores data? Computer.
whats the "brain" of the computer? microprocessor.
what gets software instruction from memory telling it what to do with the data? fetch.
this determines what the instruction means.. decode.
this performs the instruction.. execute.
what is storing of frequently used data in extremely fast RAM that connects directly to the CPU? catching.
_______________ to which all of the other internal components connect? main circuit board.
This is large-capacity storage used to hold information such as programs and documents. HARD DISK
basic software that allows the user to interface with the computer. OPERATING SYSTEM (OS)
the primary interface for the hard drives integrated drive electronics (IDE) controller
everything a computer does is overseen by the ________ CPU
a CPU is a __________ single chip.
The number of times a monitor refreshes the images it displays is measured in ________. hertz.
_____________ are seen more in radio then computing measurements.
Megahertz (MHz)cycles __________ per second. 1,000,000.
Gigahertz (GHz)cylces ___________ per second. 1,000,000,000
A _______ is the precise size of a single letter, number or symbol. byte.
A one-page, double spaced text document is roughly _______ in size 20KB
_________ is measured computers come with at least 128 MB worth of memory. memory.
Terabyte TB have __________ number of bytes. 1,099,511,627,776
_________________ keeps computers from overheating since all computer components generate heat. Fans, heat sinks, and cooling systems
Allows a used to enter data into the computer to be processed. INPUT DEVICES
Displays data or information in the form of a hard copy or an image on the screen, or as an electrical signal. OUTPUT DEVICES
contains all the computer components for processing and storing data, and for communicating with the computer’s other parts. System Unit.
Displays information monitor.
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