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Test Review- Russia/

Test Review- Russia/Former Soviet Republics/Central Asia

First President of Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union Boris Yeltsin
Fertile soil known as "Black Earth" Chernozem
Most of Serbia is covered with permanently frozen soil called Permafrost
Largest physical forst region in the world, full of coniferous tress in the northern parts of Russia Taiga
Direction in with the Ob, Yenisey, and Lena Rivers flow to the Arctic North
German philoshopher who inspired Vladimir Lenin to have a communist revolution in Russia in 1917 Karl Marx
Meaning of USSR Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Deepest lake in the world Baikal
Largest country in the world that covers 11 time zones Russia
Moutain range that lies between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea Caucasus
What some tractor trailer trucks use as a road during the Winter in Siberia Frozen Rivers
Part of Russia known as the "sleepy land" Siberia
Natural boundary that divides Europe from Asia Ural Mountains
Landmass of Europe and Asia Eurasia
Site of the worst nuclear power accident in history- Ukraine region of the Soviet Union Chernobyl
Water that flows into this sea has been diverted for irrigation of cotton fields but is now drying up Aral
The three dominant climates of Russia Subarctic, Tundra, and Humid continental
This happens to many harbors and rivers in Russia and makes transportation a problem Freezing
How most people travel in Russia By train
Type of economy where the government makes all decisions regarding the manufacture, sale, and distribution of products Communist
Type of economy where the suppy and demand of the consumers determines what is bought and sold in the country Free market
Name of the reflgious structure in the Red Square of Moscow that has nine colorful domes St. Basil's Cathedral
Most people in the Orthodox Christian religion call a sacred religious painting in their himes and cathedrals an-- icon
Name of the fortress in Moscow that now houses Russia's government buildings Kremlin
Largest country in the world Russia
Cause of pollution crisis in Russia Neglect for the environment
Snow is common in this region for 8 months a year Sub-Arctic
Covers almost 1/6 of the land on earth Russia and Central Asia
Most people in Russia belong to this church Christian Orthodox
One timy part of Russia, the Former Soviet Republics and Central Asia has this type of climate Mediterranean
Peninsula with a mediterranean climate Crimean
Building of this transportation rought made a significant increase in the population of sub-arctic Siberia Trans-Siberian Railway
Biggest economic challenge for Russia and the Former Soviet Republics Moving from a Communist to a Capitalist economy
Another name for a communist economy Command economy
Another name for a free market economy Capitalist economy
Reason most buildings in Siberia are six feet above the ground So they are not build on permafrost which can cause a building to collapse
Sea important to Russia because the ports d not freeze, also gives Russia access to the Mediterranean Sea leading to the Atlantic Ocean Black Sea
Transportation route that links Moscow to the east coast city of Vladivostok near the Sea of Japan Trans-Siberian Railway
Mode of transportation the moves the greatest amount of goods and natural resources such as oil and natural gas Railroad
Two dominant climates in Siberia Subarctic Tundra
Vast grassland plains of Central Asia Steppe
Part of Russia that is the most densely populated West (Europe side)
Created by: ewhitehead