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Disabilities II

PTA - midterm practical

How assess for diastasis recti? Hook-lying,have pt slowly raise head & shoulders off floor, reaching hands toward knees, until spines of scaps leave floor. Place fingers of one hand horiz. across midline of ab@umbilicus.Test at, above,&below for gap >2 fingers.(or may present as bulge)
What exercise for diastasis recti >2? Head lift/ Head lift w/pelv.tilt: Pt hook-lying w/hands crossed over midline@diastasis.Exhale-lift head just until bulge, lower, relax. May also do w/pelvic tilt.
How prevent diastasis recti? Maintain ab func./tone
Pregnancy & Vital signs: respiration (normal 12-20)-does not increase proportionally-pt.reaches max.capacity@lower work level
Pregnancy & Vital signs: BP Initially, decreases, but cardiac output increases
Pregnancy & Vital signs: HR Increases 10-20 bpm
Pregnancy: Body Mech.& Posture Teach basics of good body mech.>COG over BOS, as well as preg.induced postural deviations. Avoid single leg wt.bearing, esp.in/out of car Pillow btwn knees, no full hip abd, no cross legs Lay on left side(increase CO, decrease lig.pain)
Pregnancy & appropriate modality/tx: Superficial heat, ice, effleurage to low back
Oncology: appropriate level/intensity of tx as relates to lab values & protocol: Chk labs (BEFORE you see pt)-follow hematological guidelines Take vitals b/f,during,after exercise Pulse ox esp. with lung CA pt
Oncology & Rehab: Hematological Guidelines/hematocrit Normal- 38-47% <25% -no exer. = light exer. > resist.exer.
Oncology & Rehab: Hematological Guidelines/hemoglobin Normal-12-16 g/dl <8 - no exer. 8-10 - light >resist.
Oncology & Rehab: Hematological Guidelines/platelets Normal- 200,000-400,000 <5,000 -no exer. 5,000-10,000 -light > resist.
Oncology & Rehab: Hematological Guidelines/WBC Normal- 4,000-10,000 <500 -no exer. = light > resist
Oncology & Rehab: Bone metastasis and WB status (0-25% cortex) =FWB submax iso's & aerobic (25-30% cortex) = PWB (ROM/no stretch) (50% cortex)= NWB/no exer.
Oncology-"red flags": ACS 7 signs of CA: "CAUTION"- Changes in bowel/bladder habits; A sore that doesn't heal in 6 wks; Unusual bleeding/discharge; Thickening or lump in breast or elsewhere; Indigestion or difficulty swallowing; Obvious change in wart or mole; Nagging cough or hoarseness
Oncology- typical rehab probs Decreased strength, endurance, ROM, balance, coordination. Pain, dyspnea, boney instability, wounds, lymphedema, amputations, incontinence MONITOR VITALS!
Terminology for Transfer or Ambulation Assistance: INDEPENDENT:pt needs no physical assistance or supervision MODIFIED INDEPENDENT ASSISTED: pt uses adaptive/assistive equip (transfer board, bed rail..) ASSISTED: pt req's assistance from another person to perform safely , cues, or directions. MIN.ASSIS
Created by: llacorte