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Risk Management

Quiz 1

What to do when a bomb threat is called in? - Ask questions: tone, background noises - Keep them talking to pick up certain things
Top 2 Most Popular Bomb threats Schools gruntal workers-fired etc.
Orlando's top Terrorist? Americana
Different types of Bomb threats IED- Improvise Exposive devices - Hand delivered, Worn (vest), and Vehicle (most destructive)
Style of weapons 1. Chemical or Radioactive bomb (dirty) - immediate wipe out 2. Nuclear Bomb -multiple cities at one time, difficult to respond 3. Hydrogen 4. Pipe -weapon f choice for amateures
Effects of bombs that happen to the body shockwave thermal (heat) Pulse (sound) Flagmentation Strapanal
Bomb Searches divide room by height for searches 1. Floor to waist 2, wait to chin 3. to ceiling 4. false ceiling *search outside areas
Alcohol guide to serving -2 drinks in 1 hour, 1 drink at every hr of the last 4 hrs -serve food -high protein foods no salty - have non alcoholic options - know laws -avoid glass - transportation alternative
Effects by dosage- Euphoria (bac 0.03-0.12%) -improvement of mood, shorten attention span, impaired judgement, trouble with fine movements
Effects by dosage- Lethargy (BAC 0.09- 0.25%) -sleepy, trouble understanding or remembering, uncordinated,balance loss, blurry, trouble sensing
effects by dosage- Confusion (BAC 0.18-0.30%) -confusion, dont know where they are, dizziness and staggering, aggressive and withdrawal (heightened emotions), poor coordiantion, nausea n vomitting sometimes occurs
effects by dosage- Stupor (BAC 0.25-0.40%) - movement impaired - can slip into a coma, unaware of surroundings and time, high risk of death due to alcohol poisoning and/or pulmonary aspiration of vomit whil unconscious
effects by dosage- Coma BAC 0.35-0.50% -unconsciousness sets in, reflexes depressed (pupils dont respond), slower and shallow breathing, heart rate drops, death usually occurs
effects by dosage- Death BAC more than .50% - causes central nervous system to fail resulting in death
Preliminary Hazard Analysis Conducted to indentify potential hazards and prioritize them according to the 1) likelihood of an accident or injury. 2) severity of injury or prop damage
risk analysis Each risk is analyzed based on an assessment of likelihood and impact. Numerous activities are used to analyze risks and obtain a complete risk assessment to aid in developing risk management and control strategies
3 Es- Engineering Environmental causes of accidents or unsafe conditions, can be eliminated through the application of engineering principles
3 es- Education Safety education is the most effective tool in the prevention of human causes ( unsafe acts)
3 es- Enforcement No organized accident prevention efforts can be successful without effective enforcement because accidents are frequently the direct result of violations of safety principles
Standards: ASTM F24 on amusement rides and attractions -Disney is except because they have over 1000 employees
Standards: NFPA National Fire Protection Association -Life safety codes 101: that is for all temporary structures
Standards: ANSI American national standards institute -helping to assure the safety and health of consumers and the protection of the environment.
standards: NIOSH National institute of occupational safety and health - is responsible for conducting research and making recommendations for the prevention of work-related illnesses and injuries
Standards: OSHA occupations safety health administration - Started in 1970 -prevent injuries and protect the health of America's workers by ensuring safe and healthful workplaces.
AED Automated External Perambulators
CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation
BAC Blood Alcohol Concentration
Created by: tms11590
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