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Psych D&A ch 1 p-tst

Psych 4325 Drugs and Alcohol ch 1 practice test

Drug effecs on the individual have been intensified due to... development of more efficient and faster way of putting drugs into the body.
The most popular psychoactive substance over the millennia has been alcohol
The natural form of the hallucinogen LSD is found in a fungus which gross on rye/wheat plants
The London Gin Epidemic was ultimately brought under control by prohibition of the selling or drinking of gin, heavy regulation on the production of alcohol, and strict regulation of sales and stiff taxes on gin.
Morphine is about________ times more powerful that opium 10
One of the earliest Americans to write about the health dangers of drinking and to recommend temperance was Dr. Benjamin Rush
Which congressional act prohibited the manufacture and sale of any alcohol beverage with about .5% alcohol The Volstead act (1920)
The sub group of sedatives-hypnotics that came to dominate the prescription market because they were safer than barbiturates are called benzodiazephines.
The discovery of brain chemicals that acted like psychoactive drugs led to more understanding of the process of addiction, more understanding of mental illness, and new uses of therapeutic drugs to treat addictions and withdrawals states.
A common drug used at parties now, GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyrate),is classified as a sedative (downer)
The most widely abused prescription opiate is Vicodin
Psychiatric medications are used to rebalance irregular brain chemistry
(T or F) Although CANNIBUS was used in ancient times as a source for fiber and oil, for its edible seeds, and as a medicine, it was not used for it's stupefying and hallucinogenic properties. FALSE
(T or F) The chewing of coca leaves in South America was mostly among the common people since the nobility thought it was a dirty drink. FALSE
(T or F) Although marijuana was used extensively by those in the 1960s "hippe movement" and at the "Summer of Love" in 1967, amphetamines and methamphetamines were not popular yet, so were not used. FALSE
(T or F)Overall, illicit drug use has declined since its peak in 1979 and 1980 TRUE
(T or F)The age of first use of almost all psychoactive substabces has gone down TRUE
(T or F)the use of needles to inject street drugs has been one major cause of the spread of the HIV virus that leads to AIDS. TRUE
(T or F) Today's marijuana is less potent that the marijuana smoked in the 1960 FALSE
(T or F)MDMA (ecstasy) and LSD act like stimulants as well as hallucinogens TRUE
(T or F)Inhalants most often cause central nervous system stimulation leading to excitement FALSE
(T or F)Organic solvents can be toxic to cells and organs TRUE
Created by: tiffyann20