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Wound Care


What dressing?....Provides Moist Environment,Enables Autolytic Debridement,provides Protection from chemicals, friction, shear, & microbes,Transmit oxygen into carbon dioxide & water vapor out of dressing,Functions as secondary dressing Film dressing
What dressing is used for minor burns & simple injuries, Post-op dressing over suture lines, Protective layer over Ivs, Prevention & tx of superficial pressure areas Film dressings
When would you discontinue the use of a film dressing? Increased level of exudation, and or infection
What are the Ps & Cs for film dressings? May remain in place for up to 1 wk, Don't pull back across itself, Don't use over deep cavity wounds
What Dressing?...Provide moist environment,Provide high absorbency,Conform to body shape,Provide protection & cushioning,no residue,Do not adhere to wound,Provide thermal insulation, Transmit moisture vapor out of dressing, Require no secondary dressings Foam Dressings
What dressing can be used for a wide range of minor & major wounds,Exuding wounds,Leg ulcers, decubitus ulcers,Sutured wounds,Skin graft, donor sites, minor burns, Secondary over amorphous hydrogels Foam Dressings
When do you DC a foam dressing? when the level of exudation cant be absorbed into dressing in less than 24 hr period
How long can a foam dressing remain in place? 1-4 days, sheet foam can remain up to 7 days
How far outside the wound would you place a foam dressing? 3-4 cm
What are the Ps&Cs for foam dressings? Little value on dry wounds w/scab or eschar
What dressing Provides a moist environment, Aid in autolytic debridement, Conform to body shape, Do not adhere to the wound,Provide moisture & absorb it, and Relieve pain? hydrogel
These can be used on Dry & sloughy wounds to re-hydrate eschar & enhance rapid debridement, Leg ulcers, pressure wounds, extravasion injuries, necrotic wounds, Simple & partial thick burns, Infected wounds, shingles, & chicken pox hydrogels
When would you DC the use of hydrogel? On-toxi from a wound is excessive, Sheet hydrogels should be stopped if wound is infected.
Whar are the Ps & Cs for hydrogels? Don't put on infected wounds w/o covering w/systemic antibiotics, Sheet hydrogels should not be used over small deep cavity wounds, Not used w/heavily exuding wounds
This dressing Provides a moist environment, Aids in autolytic debridement of wounds, Conforms to body shape, Protects from microbial contamination, Provides a waterproof surface, Requires no secondary dressing Hydrocolloids
This dressing can be used for Superficial leg ulcers, burns, donor sites, & pressure wounds, Small-cavity wounds in combo w/paste, powder, and or granules, Thin versions can be used over sutures after minor & major surgeries Hydrocolloids
When would you discontinue the use of a hydrocolloid? when the wound surface is granulated, or when hypergranulation occurs.
What are the Ps & Cs for hydrocolloids? On pts w/thin & fragile skin, Not indicated for use in heavily exuding wounds or in clinically infected wounds, Not for deep cavity wounds
Created by: txst spr 2010



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