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Ch 5 Definitions

Signs and Symptoms of the integumatary system

Abrasion a superficial scraping injury to the skin
Abscess Localized skin inflammation that my be accompanied by suppuration, purulence, or pyogenesis
acne bacterial infection of sebaceous glands and ducts resulting in numerous comedones
actinic dermatitis a type of skin inflammation caused by sunlight exposure
actinic keratosis precancerous condition of the skin caused b exposure to sunlight
albinism Genetic condition characterized by reduction of the skin pigment melanin
albino a person affected with albinism the absence of pigment
allograft a procedure in which skin from another person is grafted onto a person's existing skin also called dermatoherteroplasty
alopecia blandness may be a sign of an infection of the scalp, high fever, or emotional stress
autograft a skin graft using one's own skin also called dermatoautoplasty
Basal cell carcinoma skin tumor that arises from the deep layer of the epidermis
biopsy minor surgery involving the removal of tissue for evaluation abbreviated bx
burn caused by excessive exposure to fire chemicals or sunlight and measured by total body surface area(tbsa) and depth of the damage
carbuncle skin infection composed of a cluster of boils
carcinoma skin cancer; varieties include basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma
cellulite a local uneven surface of the skin caused by fat deposition
cellulitis inflammation of the connective tissue in the dermis caused by an infection
chemical peel a procedure in which a chemical agent is used to remove the outer epidermal layers to treat acne,wrinkles,and sun-damaged skin
Cicatrix clinical term for scar tissue
comedo skin blemish that is caused by a buildup of sebaceous oils; pimple
contact dermatitis a type of skin inflammation caused by physical contact with a triggering substance, such as poison ivy
contusion commonly known as a bruise
cosmetic surgery a procedure in which the skin is surgically changed to enhance appearance
cyst a closed sac of pouch filled with fliud
debridement excision of foreign matter and unwanted tissue with irrigation
decubitus ulcer a ulcer that arises from lack of movement when lying supine for an extended period of time; also called a pressure ulcer or bed sore
dermabrasion form of cosmetic surgery in which the skin is surgically changed to improve appearance
dermatitis a generalized inflammation of the skin involving edema
dermatoautoplasty surgery in which the patients own skin is used as a graft, also called an autograft
dermatoheteroplasty a procedure in which skin from another person is grafted onto a person's existing skin; also called allograft
dermatologist a physician who specializes in the field of dermatology
dermatology the medical field that specializes in the health and disease of the integumentary system
dermatome an instrument used to cut thin slices of skin for grafting
dermatoplasty surgical repair of the skin
dermis the inner, deep layer of the skin composed of connective tissue
ecchymosis condition caused by leaking blood vessels in the dermis, producing purplish patches of purpura
eczema a chronic form of dermatitis charaterized by flakiness of the epidermis
edema condition of fluid accumulation in a confined space, such as beneath the skin
emollient a chemical agent that softens or smooth the skin
epidermis the outer layer of the skin
erythema any redness of the skin
fissure the clinical term for a narrow break of slit in the skin
folliculitis inflammation of the hair follicles
furnucle abscess associated with a hair follicle
Genital herpes a type of herpes characterized by periodic outbreaks of ulcer like sore on the external genitals; caused by herpes simplex virus (HSV) type 2
herpes viral skin eruption that produces clusters of deep blisters; major types are oral, genital and shingles
hidradenitis excessive perspiration due to the inflammation of sweat glands
impetigo contagious bacterial skin infection with a yellowish crust
induration local hard areas on the skin
jaundice yellowish-orange coloration of the skin sclera of the eyes, and deeper tissues that is a collective sign of live disease
kapos's sarcoma a form of skin cancer arising from the connective tissue of the dermis; common among people with AIDS
keloid an overgrowth of elevated scar tissue that is often different from adjacent, normal skin
laceration result of an injury caused by a tear or a cut
leukoderma condition in which skin becomes lighter in color due to a reduced activity of the pigment-producing cells
liposuction the removal of subcutaneous fat by insertion of a device that applies a vacuum to pull the fat tissue out of the body
macule a discolored flat spot on the skin surface, such as a freckle
male pattern baldness the result of a genetically controlled factor that prevents the development of hair follicles in certain areas of the scalp in adult males
malignant melanoma an aggressive skin cancer arising from melanocytes; the most life-threatening form of skin cancer
melanin the pigment in the skin
melanocytes the cells in the skin that produce the pigment melanin
melanoma dangerous skin cancer; means black tumor
nevus a pigmented spot on the skin; a mole
onychocryptosis a nail buried in the skin due to abnormal growth, commonly called ingrown nail
onychomalacia abnormally soft nails; often a sign of calcium or vitamin D deficiency
onychomycosis fungal infection of one or more nails
onychopathy a disease of nails associated with either fingers or toes
oral herpes a type of herpes charaterized by blisters that appear around and within the mouth; caused by herpes simplex virus( HSV)type 1
Pallor abnormal pale color of the skin
papule any small,solid elevation on the skin,such as a comedo
paronychia an infection alongside the nail
pediculosis head lice; may also be found in pubic region and other parts of the body
petechia rupture of small blood vessel supplying the dermis of the skin
plastic surgery a popular form of treatment used for skin repair following a major injury, correction of a congenital defect, or cosmetic improvement
Pruitus symptom of itchy skin
psoriasis characterized by red lesions covered with silvery epidermal scales
purpura symptom of purple-red skin discoloration usually the result of a broken blood vessel
purulence a collected mass of pus
pus a mixture of bacteria, white blood cells damaged tissue, and fluids
pustule elevated area of the skin filled with pus
pyogenesis the production of pus
retinoid a type of medication that is used to manage certain forms of acne by causing the upper layers of the epidermis to slough away
rhytidectomy plastic surgery in which skin wrinkles are surgically removed
rhytidoplasty a surgical repair of the skin wrinkles
scabies skin caused by the female itch mite
scleroderma abnormal thickening or hardness of the skin, caused by inflammation
seborrheic dermatitis a inherited form of skin inflammation characterized by excessive sebum production
shingles a type of herpes characterized by rows or painful blisters that is caused by herpes zoster virus
squamous cell carinoma skin tumor that arises from a superficial layer of the epidermis
suppuration the formation of pus
systemic lupus erythematosus chronic,progressive disease of connective tissue affecting the skin and many other organs; commonly known as lupus
tinea fungal infection of the skin; often called ringworm
tinea capitis a fungal infection that forms on the scalp and can lead to alopecia
tinea corporis a fungal infection that occurs on the body surface
tinea pedis a fungal infection that occurs on the foot; also known as athlete's foot
Total body surface area (TBSA) the amount of body surface affected and the depth of injury caused by a bum
trishomycosis fungal infection of hair
trichopathy a disease that affect the hair
ulcer an erosion through the skin or mucous membrane; a bed sore is a decubitus ulcer
ultraviolet light therapy a treatment for acne and other skin disorders in which ultraviolet light is applied to the skin to slough away the upper layers of the epidermis
urticaria allergic skin reactions to foods, infection or injury that produces small fluid-filled hives
verruca a wart that is a sign of infection by a papillomavirus
vesicle small skin elevation filly with fluid; a blister
wheal a temporary,itchy elevation of the skin
xeroderma condition characterized by abnormally dry skin
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