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Chapter 4

Fold Mountains

Where are fold mountains found on plate boundaries
Fold mountains are formed when plates? Collide
Are the rocks under great or very little pressure great
the rocks are under great pressure so they buckle/dont move Buckle
What is the down fold called Syncline
what is the up fold called Anticline
Name the three Major periods of fold mountain formation Caledonian , Armorican, Alpine
when did Caledonian folding occur 400 million years ao
when did Armorican folding occur 250 million years ago
when did Alpine folding occur 35 million years ago
what mountains were formed during the Caledonian time period Dublin-Wicklow Mountains.
what mountains were formed during the Armorican time period Macgillycuuudy's Reeks in Kerry Galtee Mountains in Tip
what mountains were formed during the Alpine time period The Rocky Mountains in America the Himalayas in Asia the Alps in Europe the Andes
which time period has the highest mountains the Alpine preiod
why does that period have the highest mountains they have not been worn down yet
explain the formation of a fold mountain when two plates collide the lighter plate is pushed up and the heavier plate is pushed down, the pressure forces the land to buckle upwards into folds
tell me two economic impacts of living in the alps/fold mountains Farming: farm sheep and goats moving up the slope to graze Tourism: people can come to hike or climb the mountain
tell me two social impacts accessibility: difficult to access as slopes are steep soil: soil can be thin allowing for only rough grazing which can make farming difficult or unprofitable.
Created by: JMahango
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