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interactions with matter CH 12

what is attenuation number of photons from x-ray beam reduced, x-ray photons loose energy through interaction w/matter
what is scatter radiation photons that change direction after they interact w/matter
what 3 interactions produce scatter and what 1 interaction produces secondary radiation Rayleigh,thomson,compton-secondary photo electric
does secondary radiation emitt scatter radiation no
name two ways to reduce scatter colllimate,grid
what is the most dangerous interaction for a tech and why compton because it has ability to gain energy
what reaction totally absorbs incident photon photo electric effect
what reactions doesn't occur in diagnostic x-ray range pair production
an anatomic part that transmits the incoming incident photon will create an area of high density on the image
the most scatter radiation is produced by comptons
what scatter radiation is responsible for contrast photo electric effect
what kind of radiation is produced after a compton interaction remnant radiation
an atomic part that transmits the incoming incident photon is radiolucent
what radiation ionize the atom photo electric and compton
what impact does scatter radiation have on the radiographic image produces fog, no useful information
If an e' is ejected it is ionized
as kV increases the percent of x-rays undergoing compton interaction increases or decreases increases, but photo electron interactions decrease reducing PT dose
when does scatter increase with PT thickness and increased field size
with a higher atomic number in material will you have more or less scatter less scatter because greater number of photo electric absorption interactions
attenuation is affected by type of material ex.bone less attenuation than soft tissue
why are psoas muscles more demonstated than fat muscle is more tightly packed causing more absorption
does photon interactions increase or decrease with increased kV decrease
the compton effect usually occurs between moderate energy x-rays and loosely bound outer electrons
probability of a compton interaction occurring depends on density of interacting material
photo electric effect is most likely to occur with elements of higher atomic number
rayleighs and thomson produce modified or unmodified scatter unmodified scatter
the frequency of scattered and secondary radiation is less or equal to primary radiation
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