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Skin and Integumentary System

Name the two skin layers? Epidermis (most outer) and Dermis (true skin)
Layers of the epidermis? No blood vessels-1. Horny layer (stratum corneum)2. Clear or translucent (stratum lucidum)3. Granular layer (stratum granulosum)4. Prickle cell (stratum sinosum)5. Germinal or basal (stratum germinativum)skin color.
Layers of the Dermis? Innermost- 1.Papillary layer (finger prints)2.Reticular layer (blood & nerves pass through)
What is Modified Epidermis? Hair
Layers of Hair? (modified Epidermis) 1.Shaft-visible part 2.Hair follicle-small canal on skin surface. 3.Root-part of hair below skin surface 4.Bulb-inner enlarged end of root germinal cell(makes hair grow)5. Sebaceous glands (oil)small secreting glands alongside hair follicles.
What are nails? Keratinized Epidermis, stratum lucidum thickened. Protects fingers and toes.
Parts of the Nail? Nail Root-proximal part covered by skin. Germinated cels are here.2. Body - exposed part. 3. Lunula-half moon shaped white part
Layer just below skin? Loose connective tissue between skin and other structures? Hypodermis (subcutaneous tissue)-fat cells are here for insulation. Blood vessela & nerve fibers pass through here to dermis.
What are organized units of epithelial cells? Glands
What are tube like glands with a single canal (duct) & a coiled secreting part.Duct opens onto skin surface (pores).Mostly in palms of hands, soles of feet & axillae, because of friction in those areas. Sweat glands
What is ear wax? Ceruminous glands; modified sweat glands in the external ear, secrete wax into external auditory meatus (EAM)
What do sweat glands do? Secrete a watery fluid containing NaCL2, urea & other waste products. Lowers body temp. Rids body of excess fluid.
Endocrine glands? Ductless glands, discharge hormones directly into blood or lymph capillaries. EX;pituitary, thyroid,suprarenal & pancreas glands.
Exocrine glands? Have ducts, secretions pass through duct into a cavity, hollow organ or skin. EX; sweat, sebaceous, salivary, tear & mammary glands.
What are mammary glands? Breasts, female develop them at puberty from hormones stimulation (estrogen & progesterone)
The functional part of the breast? Mammary glands-@ 20 lobes per breast, milk drains from lobes into lavtiferous ducts. Purpose is to secrete milk for offspring.
Classifications of Exocrine glands? 1. Simple tubular (single tube secreting)2. Branced tubular3. Simple saccular (alveolar gland)4. Branched saccular (alveolar gland)5. Combined tubuloalveolar
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