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Urban Geography

What is site? Specific location of a place, including its physical setting
Harbor sites New York City; Alexandria, Egypt; Istanbul, Turkey
Island Sites Paris, France; Hong Kong; Singapore
Fall Lines Richmond, VA
Confluence Site where two or more rivers join; Pittsburg, PA and Khartoum, Sudan
Hilltop Site good for protection: Rome, Athens, Jerusalem
Oasis Site Damascus, Syria; Siwa, Egypt
Rivers Narrow Site London, England; Quebec, Canada
Situation geography of a place in relation to other places or features; another name for relative location
Site and Situation used for studying the growth and development of cities
Baghdad, Iraq command of land between Rivers
Istanbul, Turkey Command of straits and land bridge to Europe
Mecca and Varanasi Pilgrimage
Samarkand, Uzbekistan and Xi'an, China; Timbuktu; Singapore Cities along trade routes
Silk Road Trade route between China and Europe and Middle East; Samarkand was along the Silk Road
Cape Town, South Africa Bottom of Africa; supply station for ships
Comparative Advantage Ability of countries to produce goods and services at lower relative costs, resulting in exports
ASEAN Promote trade and cooperation in Southeast Asian Nations
OPEC Controls the price of Petroleum
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Created by: Knighting
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