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Grade 5 canada vocab

my vocab words for canada

province a political division of land in Canada, similar to a state in the United States
territory an area of land; has less self-government than a province
maritime having to do with the sea
plain a large area of flat or gently rolling land usually with or without trees
bay a part of an ocean, sea, or lake that cuts deeply into the land
strait a narrow stretch of water that connects 2 larger bodies of water
tundra a region where temperatures are always colder and where only certain plants, such as low grasses grow
archipelago a group of islands
glacier a thick sheet of slowly moving ice that covers part of the earth
fjord a deep, narrow inlet of the sea, bordered by steep, high,cliffs
permafrost permanently frozen layer of ground below the top layer of soil
commonwealth a place that has its own government, but also has strong ties to another country
constitution a plan that organizes the government and names the most important laws of the country
constitutional monarchy a type of government in which there is a monarch (the queen) , but the true power comes from the constitution
hydroelectricity power which is generated by moving water
dance to shake your butt.
shout to scream loudly like an animal!!!!
gobble to eat like a pig!!!!!!
stink to smell like garbage!!!!
Created by: leblanc samuel