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HD dx tests

Human Diseases Dx tests

fasting blood glucose amount of glucose in blood after 8 hour fast
arthroscopy fiberoptic endoscope of joint
MRI computer image + nuclear magnetic of soft tissues
X-ray most widely used. radiation. musculoskeletal dx
Pulse ox oxygen saturation of arterial blood
ECG graphic record of electrical impulses generated by depolarization and repolarization of myocardium. Cardiac dx
ABG dissolved oxygen in blood.
arthrogram radiographic and dye injected into joint capsule/ligament
angiography radiopaque die injected in arterial system for Xray of vascular systems (cerebral, renal, cardiac, pulm., PVD)
CT scan cross sectional Xray of brain with iodine based contrast
myelogram Xray + contrast medium in subarachnoid space of SC. Lumbar puncture
EEG Brain's electrical activity
Brain Evoked Potential EEG + signal recorded on computer. Head Injury
EMG measures and documents electrical activity of muscles. Output on oscilloscope
Nerve Conduction Velocity how fast nerve impulse travels + emg. PNS dx
Positron Emission Tomography Xray of blood flow in organs & body tissue.
CBC evals cellular components of blood
RBC number of erythrocytes in blood.
hemoglobin oxygen carrying pigment in blood.
hemocrit % of RBC in blood.
WBC WBC count in blood
albumin blood protein
Creatinine renal function
platelet count platelet count in blood.
High ABG late stage asthma, CHF, respiratory
High RBC erythremia, polycythemia, dehydration, burns, anoxia
low RBC anemias
high hemoglobin CHF, COPD, dehydration, burns
low hemoglobin iron def., hemorrage
high hemocrit dehydration, eclampsia, pancreatitis
low hemocrit anemia, bone marrow dx, CHF
high albumin dehydration, meningitis, SLE
low albumin ETOH, burns, CHF, Crohn's
high creatinine CHF, diabetes
low creatinine muscular dystrophy
high WBC anemia, abscess, infection
low wbc AIDS, flu, immune dx
high platelet ct anemia, CA, Fx, liver dx
low platelet ct anemia, autoimmune, burns
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