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Geo EOT2

Headlands and Bays Gradual erosion of the softer rock of the coast while more resistant rock doesn't erode causes the coast to be a wavy line. Bays eventually become sheltered as the ocean 'focuses' on the headlands more.
Headland erosion Headland -> Crack -> Cave -> Arch -> Stack -> Stump Hydraulic Action
Wave-cut platform Abrasion, corrosion, hydraulic action, attrition Similar to waterfall retreat Headland -> wave-cut notch -> overhang collapse -> repeat Forms a flat platform leading up to the cliff
Factors controlling shoreline erosion Topography, daily tides/currents, resistance of shoreline rock, frequency and intensity of storm events (hurricanes), frequency and intensity of tectonic events (earthquakes, tsunamis),
Soft engineering Ecological methods Vegetation: Buffers+absorbs water+energy Beach replenishment: Adding sand taken from offshore, costly, time consuming Managed retreat: Relocation of things in danger, discouraging/preventing building near unsafe locations
Hard engineering Man-made Rip-rap: Boulders, cheap Groyne: Perpendicular, wood/stone, longshore drift Gabion basket: Steel+stone, like sea wall/groynes Offshore reset: Barriers placed away from the coast Revetmens: Slatted at cliff base Sea wall: Stone/wood, costly
Disadvantages of coastal management Costly Problems later on Localized, problems in other locations
Created by: koala25
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