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Jc Geography

Renewable energy Comes from sources that will never run out. E.g wind, solar and water
Non renewable energy Comes from sources that will eventually run out. E.g oil, coal and gas
Hydro electric power Creation of electricity by using the force of falling water. A dam is built to trap water, when it is opened, water gushes through. This spins a turbine that generates electricity.
Wind energy Force of wind to turn turbines and create electricity.
Solar energy Created using heat and light from the sun. Solar cells on dollar panels capture the heat and light and convert it into electricity.
Geothermal energy Energy created using heat from the earths crust. Water is pumped into the earths crust and heated by rocks.
Biomass Comes from organic material. Used to produce biofuels, which is used in machinery.
Hydroelectric power in Ireland First and largest HEP station was built in Ardnacrushabin Co, Clare in 1927.
Advantages of HEP Cheap, clean and renewable. Water in dams can be a water supply for local areas. Dams can prevent flooding. Reservoir can be a leisure facility.
Disadvantages of HEP Reservoirs mean loss of farmland. Families may have to relocate. Dams stop fish swimming upstream, which reduces fish stock.
Wind energy in Ireland Strong winds come from the Atlantic Ocean, so Ireland has many wind farms. Irelands largest wind farm is located in Galway wind park, which has 58 turbines.
Advantages of wind energy Clean energy source, Reduces our need to import energy. Creates employment,
Disadvantages of wind energy Wind is unreliable. Expensive to build. Noise and visual pollution. Hazardous to local wildlife Can lead to mass movement near bogs.
Consequences of energy production Burning fossil fuels leads to: Global warming Acid rain Smog
Acid rain
Problems of acid rain
Solutions to acid rain
Created by: Niamhoh
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