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Benito Mussolini Italian Fascist Dictator
Adolf Hitler German dictator, head of the nazi
Joseph Stalin Communist dictator of the Soviet Union from 1924-1953
Neville Chamberlain Prime Minister of Great Britian, Made the Munich Agreement with hitler
General Dwight D. Eisenhower The Supreme Allied commander in Europe
Tuskegee Ariman famous segregated unit of African Americans pilotc
Code Talkers Navajo Indians reecatied by the U.S. Marine corps toops nit nesarges in the Nurjo language
Pearl Habor U.S. Navel base attacked by Japanese forces on December 7, 1941. Led to Americans joining the war effort
D-Day Allied invasion offrance on June 6, 1944
Yalta Conference The conference in which the allies planed the post-war world
Battle of the Bulge The finale German assult in December 1944 in the ardennes regoin of belgium and Luxemburg
battle of Midway The U.S. victory one Japannese off Midway Island that paroed to be the farning point of the war
Nuremberg Trails The war crime strials of Nazi leaders in Nuremberg, Germany
Postdam Confrence The allies meeting in post dam, Germany to plant trend of the war
Lend-lease Act An act which allowed the U.S. to lend wepons to allies
Axis Powers The rome-Berlin aris, the alliances between mussolini and hitler ingrt joined by japan
Appeasment The meeting of demands form a hostile power in order to avoid war
Blizkrieg German "lighning war" tatics. In an effort to stike on oppent stragically and quickly
Holocaust The Nazi german crimw of killing one million jews and other preseuted people in confration camps
Manhattan Project The troops secret goverment project to develop the atomic bomb
Genocide The deli killing of a large number of people froma particular nation or ethic group with the aim at destroying the nation organism
Island Hopping The allied strges int eh pacific of invadion selection Island, and waiting them as bases to advance closer to Japan
Facism political philosopy that adlooks a strong nations dicatorship
Totalitarianism A system of goverment is controled and dictator and religions complete advance to the state
Allied powers (ww2) the "big tree" the U.S the Soviet Union and ghreat beitian allied together during ww2 their alliance brought the victory during ww2
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