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Ch 9

Radiographic Anatomy

What's the path the spinal cord travel? Medulla oblongata, C1, lower border of L1, Conus Medullaris
What is the Conus Medullaris? Where the Spinal Cord tapers off to a point.
Where is the most common site for a lumbar puncture is? L3-L4
What do the Intervertebral Disks do? Spinal stability, flexibility, & movement of the vertebral column.
How many sacral bones does a newborn have? 5
How many coccyx bones does a newborn have? 3-5
How many seperate bones in the vertebral column does a child have? 33
How many seperate bones in the vertebral column does an adult have? 26
Concave? A rounded inward or depressed surface like a "cave". Cervical and Lumbar
Convex? A rounded outward or elevated surface. Thoracic and Sacral.
Lordotic Concave curvature of the spine.
Primary curves Thoracic and Sacral.
Compensatory curves Cervical and Lumbar
What is the purpose of the Primary and Compensatory curves? Increases the strength & balance of the vertebral column.
Lordosis bent backward; abnormally increased "swayback"
Kyphosis "humpback"; increased convexity
Scoliosis exaggerated lateral curvature
What are the two main parts of a Vertebra? Body & Vertebral Arch
Intervertebral joints are amphiarthroidial or diarthroidial? Amphiarthrodial
Where do the Costal joints articulate? 12 ribs of the Thoracic region.
What do the Superior Vertebral Arch and Inferior Vertebral Arch form? Intervertebral Foramen
Which vertebrae are not seperated by an Intervertebral Disk? Why? Between C1-C2. C1 has no Body.
Annulus Fibrosus The outer fibrous portion of the Intervertebral Disk.
Nucleus Pulposus Semigelatinous inner portion of the Intervertebral Disk.
What are the three unique characteristics of the cervical vertebra? bifid spinous process tips, overlapping bodies, and the three foraminae on each vertebrae
Another name for C1 Atlas
Another name for C2 Axis
Which vertebrae are considered "typical" cervical vertebra? C3-C6
Supportive column of bone in cervical vertebrae articular pilar
Column of bone on C1 lateral mass
What projection are the Zygopophyseal Joints visualized in the C-spine? True lateral position; right angles; 90degrees
What projection are the Intervertebral Foraminae visualized? 45 degree oblique with a 15 degree cephalad angle
What articulates with the right and left occipital condyles of the skull? superior facet of C1
Which articulations are between C1 and the occipital condyles of teh skull? atlantooccipital articulations
Rotation of the head primarily occurs between C1 and C2, with the ___________ acting as a pivot. Dens
Each Thoracic vertebra has two partial facets called... demifacets
Each facet or combination of two demifacets accepts the head of the rib to form which type of joint? costovertebral joint
On which margin of T1 does it have a full facet and a demifacet? inferior
Which margins of T2-T8 contain demifacets? upper and lower margins
Which Throacic vertebra has only one demifacet on its upper margin? T9
Which Thoracic vertebrae has full facets? T10-T12
Which joints do ribs 11 and 12 articulate with? costovertebral joints
In the Thoracic vertebrae, the zygapophyseal joints form an angle of___________ from the midsagittal plane. 70-75 degrees
In the Thoracic vertebrae, the Intervertebral Foramina is best visualized in which position? true lateral; 90 degrees from MSP
On the AP C-spine, what is the CR angle used to open up the lower intervertebral spaces? 20 degrees cephalad
On the C-spine, the zygapophyseal joints are best visualized in which position? lateral
Which position of the C-spine best opens up the foramina on the right side and with a 15 degree cephalad angle? LPO
On posterior obliques of the C-spine, which side (upside or downside) opens up the intervertebral foramina? upside
On anterior obliques of the C-spine, which side (upside or downside) opens up the intervertebral foramina? downside
What is the angle required for an anterior oblique position of the C-spine? 15 degree caudad
Where are the zygapophyseal joints located on the C-spine? between the articular pillars of each vertebra
In which position of the T-spine best shows the intervertebral foramina? lateral
Which oblique angle of the T-spine opens up the zygapophyseal joints? 70 degrees
Posterior obliques of the T-spine show the zygapophyseal joints on the upside or downside? upside
Anterior obliques of the T-spine show the zygopophyseal joints on the upside or the downside? downside
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