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Chapter 4 study

study guild

Which river divides the U.S. into two main regions? Mississipe river
Which mountain range stretches from Alabama to Canada? appalachian
TRUE OR FALSE? At times, groups of Native Ameicans fought over land and resources. True
TRUE OR FALSE? Trade between the US and other countries began in port cities. True
Which member of the US government can set aside land for use as a national park? The president
REVENUE: The money someone gets for someone to get to spend on something
RUST BELT: A land of Abandoned factories
LOCKS Channels and gated passageways are called locks
CIVIL RIGHTS: Are basic rights that belong to all citizens
ATLANTIC COASTAL PLAIN A flat lowland are called the coastal plain
What river do the Great Lakes flow into? St lawrence river
What type of fuel is coal? fossil fuel
TRUE OR FALSE: Native Americans are indigenous to North America. True
What was New York’s original name? New amsterdam
Which federal agency provides aid to people affected by disasters? FEMA
Where did the first English colonists settle when they first came to America? How did the populations and settlements change between 1600s to the mid 17002? It grew quickly 52000 to 250000 then 1.7 in plymouth massachusetts
What is the Great Migration and how did it affect the population in the North? The great migration is when many people moved to america They moved to more rural areas and it made it grow and made more stores and money and factories
How did the environment shape the lives of Native Americans and the early colonists? Native americans people satisfied their needs by using by using plants animals stones water and soil around them and for the english it was first hard but they adapted and they learned how to hunt farm and made things they needed
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