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WW Unit 5

clergy a group of people who have been formally appointed to religious service
repository a place where things are stored
necessity needed
illuminated decorated with gold
paraphernalia equipment
preliminary before the main step
scribe someone who copies written documents
transcribe to write or type a copy of
gild to cover with gold
notable worthy of notice
connotation what a word suggests in addition to its exact meaning
appositive an explanatory phrase
notation a short written note
denote to indicate
ascribe to regard something as belonging to a particular cause
proposal a plan put forward for consideration
circumscribe to surround or encircle
expose a story that makes wrongdoing known
proscribe to forbid
annotation a written note or comment
misnomer an incorrect name
satire a type of humor that makes fun of human faults and foolishness
personify to be a perfect example of something
syntax the way words are put together to make phrases and sentences
hyperbole exaggeration
derive to come from a source
context the part of a sentence that surrounds a word and helps make its meaning clear
cliché an overused expression
metaphor a figure of speech comparing 2 words or objects
oxymoron an expression combining words that contradict each other
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