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Horse Management 1

Health and Safety

What does the term HASAWA mean Health And Safety At Works Act 1974
What year was the HASAWA legislation enforced 1974
Who enforces the HASAWA legislation Health and Safety Enforcement officers (HSE officers)
What does PPE mean Personal Protective Equipment
Identify some PPE equipment Hat gloves, goggles, steel toe capped boots, overalls etc
Where should you store your PPE and how to maintain somewhere dry, secure and easy to access, ensure any damage is reported to supervisor, check for tears, cracks, hole etc
Identify some responsibilities of the employer under the HASAWA legislation To provide a safe working environment, to provide PPE, to maintain equipment, to provide training and information, provide a safety policy when employing 5+ employees, to supervise employees when needed, deal with substances, such as chemicals, safely.
Identify some responsibilities as an employee under the HASAWA take care of their own health and safety at work, take care of the health and safety of others, co-operate with their employer, report dangerous situations to their supervisor or employer, not misuse or interfere with anything used for health and safety
Explain how to safely lift an object stand with feet apart, bend the knees, shoulder level, grip the object, lift with a straight back and straighten legs using knees, keep head straight look up
What is the role of a risk assessment to identify any workplace hazards its severity, likelyhood fo causing harm and control measures and prevent accidents
List some key safety points when doing any form of manual handling dont move or lift a load if to heavy or big to do alone get help, if you can avoid moving object do so, ensure machines have emergency switch, ensure machines have a machine guard, provide safe environment, plan your task
Why should accidents, incident or problems be reported to a supervisor to prevent further accidents from happening, to ensure the problem can be reported to the HSE as required by law! RIDDOR
Identify key points of the First Aid at work 1981 regulations to ensure a trained first aider is available, first aid box available,
Identify key safe procedures wear PPE, keep workplace tidy, tie hair back, report accidents or injuries, avoid lifting or moving heavy items
What does organisation policy mean each organisation (employer) will have a set of organisation policies relating to health and safety - their own set of rules relating to the specific workplace that you must follow and match health and safety law
Name the four categories of waste organic, inorganic, hazardous, non hazardous
Name an organic waste horse manure, animal waste, old bedding, food scraps
Name a in-organic waste glass, plastic
Name a hazardous waste chemicals, sharps, heavy loads, pathogens
Name a non-hazardous waste paper, cardboard, some plastics
How do you dispose of hazardous waste specialist disposal company, sharps box, clinical waste bin
How do you dispose of organic waste compost heap, spread on field or garden
How would you dispose of a non-hazardous waste put in recyle bin if recyclable or in general rubbish bin
List the risks of an untidy workplace slip, trips, falls, injury
List the benefits and features of a safe and tidy workplace all equipment stored correctly with machine guards in place and safety policy/training guidelines clearly visible, risk assessments, first aid box, first aider, will prevent injury or reduce risk of injury and when accident does occur can deal with safely
How would you store hand tools in a cupboard, or shed that can be locked and secure, each tool should have own hanging rack and clearly labeled for use, maintain minimum of yearly and checK for damage or wear
How would you store power equipment in a dry, secure (lockable) cupboard, and maintain and safety check/service minimum of yearly, check for wear
How would you ensure manual handling equipment was stored and maintained ensure machine guard was used, emergecny switch, safety instructions, training provided, lockable and maintained/serviced yearly
What does the term COSHH mean Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health
What does the term RIDDOR mean Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurances Regulations
Created by: gcooper
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