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FPTC Top 200 BCD

Brand/Generic Classification

Bactrim/Septra/ sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim sulfa antibiotic/bacterial infection
Beconase AQ/beclomethasone corticosteroid/allergic rhinitis
Benadryl/diphenhydramine H1 antagonist/allergies
Benicar/olmesartan ARB/hypertension
Buspar/buspirone 5-HT receptor/anxiety
Bystolic/nebivolol beta blocker/hypertension
Calan/verapamil CCB/hypertension
Cardizem/diltiazem CCB/hypertension
Cardura/doxazosin Alpha 1 blocker/hypertension
Catapres TTS/clonidine Alpha agonist/hypertension
Celebrex/celecoxib NSAID, COX 2 inhibitor/ inflammation
Celexa/citalopram SSRI/depression
Cheratussin AC/guaifenesin-codeine antitussive-exp combination/cough suppressant-expectorant
Cipro/ciprofloxacin quinolone antibiotic/bacterial infection
Claritin/loratadine H1 antagonist/allergies
Cleocin/clindamycin lincosamide antibiotic/bacterial infection
ClinPro/sodium fluoride cavity prevention
Clobex/clobetasol corticosteroid/dermatoses
Cogentin/benztropine parkinson's disease
Combivent/albuterol-ipratropium Anticholinergic-beta-2 agonist/asthma
Concerta/methyphenidate CNS/ADHD
Coreg/carvedilol beta-blocker/hypertension
Cortef/hydrocortisone corticosteroid/inflammatory disorders
Coumadin/warfarin vitamin k antagonist/anticoagulation
Cozaar/losartan ARB/hypertension
Crestor/rosuvastatin HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor/statin/hyperlipidemia
Cymbalta/duloxetine SNRI/depression
Deltasone/prednisone corticosteroid/inflammation
Depakote ER/divalproex sodium neurologic/bipolar, migraine, seizure disorder
Desyrel/trazodone Serotonin reuptake/depression, insomnia
Diflucan/fluconazole antifungal
Dilantin/phenytoin hydantoin/seizures
Diovan/valsartan ARB/hypertension
Diovan HCT/valsartan-hctz ARB=thiazide combination/hypertension
Ditropan/oxybutynin antispasmotic/overactive bladder
Dramamine/meclizine H1 antagonist/motion sickness
Created by: Aycock6
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