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defined as the branch of science concerned with the methods of interaction and the effects of ionizing radiation on living systems. RADIOBIOLOGY
Ionizing radiation causes cellular structures to become ionized or excited. These ionizations can: -Produce free radicals -Break chemical bonds -Produce new chemical bonds and cross linkage between macromolecules -Damage molecules that regulate vital cell processes
And advisory committee that publishes reports on the effects of ionizing radiation on biological systems BIER
Dose required to kill a certain fraction of a given group of irradiated objects within a given time fram LETHAL DOSE
-Easily damaged -Easily replaced -Respond to radiation quickly RADIOSENSITIVE
-Hard to damage -Hard to replace -Show no immediate response - RADIORESISTANT
LAW OF BERGONIE AND TRIBONDEAU -The more mature a cell is the more resistant it is -The younger the tissues and organs the more sensitive -radiosensitivity is high when metabolic activity is high -As proliferation and growth rate increase so does the radiosensitivity
LAW OF BERGONIE AND TRIBONDEAU -Radiosensitivity of a cell is directly proportional to proliferation but, inversely proportional to cell differentiation
FACTORS OF BIOLOGICAL DAMAGE -The quantity of radiation received in a given time period -The ability(quality) of the radiation to cause ionization i.e. RBE,LET,Q.F. -The amount of the body are exposed -The specific part(s) of the body that are exposed
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