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Geo Mod 14 #2

Geo Mod 14 #2: Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is attractive to outsiders due to its strategic location on _______ routes and its _______ resources Oceanic; Natural
Southeast Asia has been a crossroads for _______ influences form East and South Asia, Middle East, Europe, and North America Cultural
Southeast Asia has several hundred distinct _______ Languages
Southeast Asia has _______ cultural influences from trade and migration Chinese
Christianity is throughout Southeast Asia due to European _______ and colonists Missionaries
Hinduism and buddhism are throughout Southeast Asia and came from ____ Asia South
_______ religion is dominant in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, and parts of the Philippines Islam
There are internal ethnic ______ and ______ between Southeast Asia countries Conflicts; Tensions
Many countries in Southeast Asia owe their political boundaries to colonial ______ Europe
The only Southeast Asia area to escape European colonization was _______ Thailand
There was widespread _______ to European colonization in Southeast Asia in the 1920s and they finally reached _______ after WWII Resistance; Independence
European countries of Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Britain, and France all _______ parts of Southeast Asia Colonized
After WWII, ______ tried to keep its colonies including Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam France
When France tried to keep its colonies in Southeast Asia, _______ started and included the US, supporting France against China and the Soviet Union who were communist- leading to Vietnam War Conflict
_______ Vietnamese forces were victorious in 1975 Communist
The Communist Part of Kampuchea (CPK) also knowns as Khmer Rouge took control of ______ and committed mass ______ Cambodia; Genocide
Khmer Rouge killed ______ of Cambodians, many with ______ that led to trauma and mental illness that plague Cambodians still today Millions; Landmines
_________ has governmental repression of autonomous (independent) movements Indonesia
______ has a history of ethnic conflict and governmental brutality Burma
In Thailand, _______ instability exists Political
______ has ethnic tensions where 60% are Malay and rural and lower income, 30% are _____ and are urban and higher income, and 10% are ethnic Indian Malaysia; Rural
Malaysia's cultural integration policy states that _____ is the national language, so education, banking, and services are conducted in Malay Malay
Many rural Malaysians are encouraged to migrate to _____ areas Urban
The encouragement of migration from Malaysia to more ______ areas has Been helpful to disadvantaged _______, many of whom left Malaysia Urban; Chinese
Created by: scarangelo
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