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Geo Mod 12 #1

Geo Mod 12 #1 East Asia

Magnolia, China, North Korea, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan are all part of the ______ Region East Asia
East Asia has _______ problems, especially in China due to _______ pressures and rapid industrial development Environmental; Population
Environmental problems in China include ______ on the Loess Plateau, urban ____ quality due to heavy use of coal Erosion; Air
China has hydroelectric ____ building Dam
There is _______ activity in East Asia that has caused earthquakes and tsunamis' Seismic
In Japan, the Fukushima Daiichi Meltdown was a ______ disaster that occurred after an earthquake/tsunami that caused severe _______ on both local and global scales Nuclear; Contamination
East Asia is very ______ populated Densely
Most of East Asia is highly urbanized except _____ which is only about 51% urban China
East Asia using an ideographic writing system that involves ______ that represent an idea rather than a ______, so literate individuals do not need to speak the same language in order to communicate in writing Symbols; Sound
East Asian philosophy that stresses the importance of obedience, education and family Confucianism
The majority of East Asia _______ traditions share nature and spiritual harmony characteristics Religious
Majority religions in East Asia include _______, Japanese Shitoismm and Taoism and 'Feng shui' Buddhism
________ religions in East Asia include Christianity and Islam Minority
Korean and Japanese _______ are relatively homogenous Languages
Taiwanese speak mostly ______ Chinese Mandarin
______ has a complex ethnic and linguistic patterns China
Chinese language include tribal non-Sinitic language and the Han Chinese that speak Mandarin in a variety of similar Sinitic language usually called ______ Dialects
China has emerged as a ______ force in global politics Major
There is continued _______ between North and South Korea Tension
The world has concern over North Korea's ______ capabilities Nuclear
There is tension between Japan and Russia over the _____ Islands Kuril
There is tension between China, Hong Kong, Tibet, and ______ Tiawan
Created by: scarangelo
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