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Geo Ch 7/Mod 10 #4

Geo Ch 7/Mod 10 #4: Latin America/Caribbean

______ remains a commonwealth of the US Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico depends on the US ______ and ______ programs Investment; Welfare
Puerto Rico's commonwealth status allow for free ______ between Puerto Rico and the US Movement
Puerto Rico betune to shift from agrarian to industrial in the 1950s, but remains relatively ________ Underdeveloped
Most Puerto Ricans are supporters of the US ________ political party Democratic
______ has historically been considered the biggest challenge to US authority in the Latin America region Cuba
Cuba has been a ______ state since the 1950s and hold close ties to the ______ Communist; USSR
Post Cold-War, Cuba promoted ______ as a source of revenue, but it remains a poor country Tourism
Obama lifted some restrictions on Cuba, such as _____ Travel
_____ have created destabilization of some parts of Latin America Drugs
Most Latin American drugs are exported to the ___ and ____ US; Europe
The _______ of marijuana has been done to _____ the power of the drug cartels Legalization; Reduce
Global Latin American and Caribbean diaspora is largely done for ______ opportunity with the majority of people flowing to _____ America Economic; North
The Caribbean has a history of _____-Crop Production Mono
The Caribbean is in competition with Latin American for _______ trade Banana
Main products of the Caribbean is _____ and ______ Sugar; Bananas
Tourism in the Caribbean results in Capital ______ Leakage
The gap between profits a transnational company brings into an area that the locals see and the profit that returns to the corporation's offices is called: Capital Leakage
Tourism in the Caribbean is at risk due to environmental ______ and global economic _______ Degradation; Fluctuations
People like to put their money in ______ banking because is is confidential and tax exempt Offshore
Offshore banking and online ______ are big businesses in the Caribbean Gambling
US has concerns about Caribbean's offshore banking regarding ______ laundering and corruption Money
Some of the Caribbeans' country's economies are heavily dependent on ______ investment such as _______ plants Foreign; Assembly
Much of labor related migration from Latin America to North America and Europe is economic and cash ______ are important Remittances
For many households, labor related migration has become the _____ Norm
Economic and political influence exerted by a more powerful nation is called _____ Colonialsim Neo
Created by: scarangelo
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