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Geo Ch 7/Mod 10 #1

Region that includes Mexico, Central and South America and the Caribbean is called: Latin America
The are environmental concerns in Latin America due to ______ development, pollution, water shortages, deforestation, soil erosion, and deflation of natural resources Rapid
Most environmental problems in Latin America are due to _______ practices and the threat of ______ change Agricultural; Climate
Since the 1960's, 18% of the ______ has been destroyed, which is about the size of France Amazon
Causes of Amazonian ______ is population pressures, _______ and Economic activity Deforestation; Poverty
The conversion of tropical rainforest to pastures: Grassification
The largest loss of the Amazon due to grassification is for ______ ranges, which is about 60% of the loss Cattle
The second largest loss of the Amazon due to gratification is for small-scale and substance ________ Agriculture
Some things being done to save the Amazon include __________, national forests and preserves, less damaging ______ techniques, and population control Replanting; Logging
Less damaging logging techniques now being done in the Amazon include ________ instead of _______ cutting Strip; Clear
They are also trying to save the Amazon with _____-Forestry Agro
The combining of grazing/cropping with tree stands is called: Agro Forestry
_____% of the world's species are found in _______ forests 50; Tropical
Tropical Forests provide _____ of the world's wood source 50
_____% of the world's diet originated in the tropical rainforest 80
Tropical rainforests are producers of non-food products such as _______ Rubber
Tropical Rainforests also provide resources for modern ________ Medicine
Some causes of deforestation in the Caribbean include ______ agriculture and ______-cropping Plantation; Mono
In the Caribbean and they are doing forest recovery in some places such as ______ Puerto Rico
Biological diversity is less threatened in the ______ states in the Caribbean Rimland
Created by: scarangelo
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